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About Hallo - Learn English

Hallo is an English learning app that helps users learn the English language and acquire all skills in the language. Hallo app is available for free to download on iOS and Android devices.

Hallo - Learn English Review

Hallo is the fun, free app for learning English through on-demand conversations with speaking partners or instant lessons with native speakers.

What do we like about Hallo Learn English?

With the use of live, one-on-one classes, interest-based English courses, and AI competence tests to gauge progress, Hallo makes it possible for English learners to connect virtually with native English speakers who teach them the language.

What skills does it improve?

Hallo gives you a scientifically supported way to sharpen your speaking and listening abilities by practising English anywhere, anytime. It was created by language specialists and is beloved by millions of learners worldwide.

Is Hallo Learn English free?

Hallo is available to download for free on all Android and iOS devices. 

Is Hallo Learn English easy to use?

You'll enjoy learning on Hallo whether you're learning the language for travel, education, a job, or a passion. Business English, IELTS, TOEFL, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, American/British accent, and more are among the topics that are appropriate for learners of all levels.

How will students benefit?

By pressing a button, you can instantly connect with a native speaker or speaking partner. To gain confidence and speak English fluently, hone your communication skills with actual people. You can practise with other students for free on Hallo, which democratises language learning. It is inexpensive and well worth your money to take private or group lessons from one of our native teachers. American, British, Australian, and other native speakers serve as Hallo's English instructors. Take private lessons from them frequently to receive helpful criticism and benefit from a tailored learning environment.

Millions of English language learners reside in Hallo. You'll interact with international students and professors with whom you may practise your English and receive friendly help. Get fantastic incentives when you invite your friends!

How much does Hallo Learn English cost?

Hallo costs $9.99.

Learn English fluently using the app Hallo which allows you the maximum speaking time. Hallo is a fun, no-cost app that allows you to practise your English through on-demand discussions with native speakers or in-app lectures from them.

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