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Haiku 575

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This app contains a compilation of over 250 entertaining and thought provoking American haiku by Ernest Bentley (1889 - 1981). To help more easily find a haiku you might enjoy, the collection is grouped loosely by category:

* Nature
* Philosophical
* Practical
* Thoughtful

* Whimsical

Each time you select a category, you will be presented with one of the many haiku within the category. To see others, simply swipe through the haiku in a category. As you find a haiku that you like, you can easily mark it as a Favorite or Share it with others –- send it in e-mail, post it on Facebook or share a tweet on Twitter.

If you wish, you may also automatically be prompted to view a new haiku each day - simply enable the daily notifications option. At any point, if you like surprises, you can also select to be presented with one of the many haiku by clicking on the magnifying glass icon on the Haikus tab.

It is my sincere hope that this wonderful collection of American haiku by Ernest Bentley will cause you to reflect, ponder and smile. It certainly has done so for me.

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