Habitz: Kids Learn Good Habits

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About Habitz: Kids Learn Good Habits

Habitz is a fun-to-use app that empowers kids to develop healthy habits and stick with them for life.
If you’ve ever struggled to get your child to make healthy choices, Habitz is the life-changing app you’ve been waiting for. Help your child make good choices that will help them as they become teenagers and eventually adults! Your child will carry the healthy habits they learn from Habitz throughout their entire lives!
Habits is an app that lets every user establish habits focusing on their health and improving their lifestyle. 

Habitz: Kids Learn Good Habits Review

What do we like about Habits?

You may measure your progress, set personal objectives, increase productivity, and enhance your life with the aid of Habit Tracker. With the Habits app, developing healthy habits is simple. Employ a habit tracker to better yourself.

What skills does it improve?

To monitor your progress, open your habit card and look at your streak. A calendar that displays the days you've missed is also present.

What age is it appropriate for?

Habits is appropriate for all ages. 

Is Habits free?

Habits is available for free to download on all iOS devices. 

Is Habits easy to use?

Utilize the app to establish your first habit. Select one of the pre-made options or enter your own. It's simple—just come up with a title, add a rousing phrase, and move on to your new existence.

How will students benefit?

Set up morning alerts to receive your habit plan first thing in the morning. This will help you stay motivated and on track. You can review the day's finished habits with the aid of evening reminders. For the app, you can also select a dark design style. Invite your friends over so you may all develop good habits.

A daily plan and an unlimited number of daily reminders and repeats. Make your habit specific to your requirements and daily schedule. View comprehensive statistics on all of your habits, including your most recent and best habit streak, the number of days you've successfully carried out your scheduled habits, and the total number of habits you've ever completed. You may see your greatest and least productive days on a calendar in your stats. Change between several months to monitor your development.

What can Habits improve on?

The app Habits does not have an Android version. 

How much do Habits cost?

The pro variant of Habits is available at the cost of $9.99.

Final thoughts

Habits help to create the best habits required for every individual to follow. It helps users understand the importance of following healthy habits and also acts as a true companion in the busy lifestyle.

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