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GRE ScoreQuest by Princeton Review

Price: iPhone/iPad - Free

Teacher Overview

This is a really nice app which serves to practice the basic GRE questions. The app offers 15 questions in levels of Easy, Medium and Difficult. This ensures that you progress and practice your skills.  Once you are done with the questions, you receive an explanation for the answers. The app is very useful and a great tool for practising GRE. We gave the app an EAS 5 Star Certification and EAS Recommended status. 

Teacher Review

This is a great app to practice GRE questions. GRE is an admissions test that is required for international students to  post-grad UK universities and for universities in the US  However, even if you are not studying for GRE, students from GCSE  to university level level onwards  will appreciate the opportunity to practice their verbal and maths skills that this app offers.

The app is split into two sections, the Verbal Section and Quantitative Section.  In the Verbal Section you are asked to carry out “Text Completions, Sentence Equivalence and Reading Comprehension”. These skills are very important for being able to understand and analyse reading material for essay writing. It helps readers to expand their vocabulary and to think about the precise meanings that words afford to sentences.

The Quantitative Section is split into “Number Properties, Algebra, Geometry and Statistic s”. All of these topics are useful and practical in any studies or work that students will and graduate professionals require as they enter the work force and, as a result, we definitely recommend this app for general use and practice for this target group. 

For those who are taking the GRE Test, the app allows prospective exam-takers to quiz themselves and to receive subject-specific questions, results and explanations.

However, this is more of a practice test app rather than a learning app. If you require more information and feedback on your work or, you simply need to learn a topic, you will have to go online in search of another tool or purchase the in-app expansion packs. For example, you can request a Private Tutor, Group Instruction or Complete Classroom instruction (however, these require physical attendance and would only work for US). Conversely, you can purchase GRE LiveOnline and GRE Online for over the internet tutoring.

This app is good, but if you are studying for GRE you will need further tools. It is a nice to have in order to get going and to realise where you may need more help. The app does not teach you however, it is a guide for you to practice specific GRE subjects and identify where you may need more help.

For those looking for a fun app to keep their skills fresh, this is a good app to begin with.  The app is of good quality and you will gain a lot from working with it and testing your skills.  It is free, and offers amazing value for money.

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Developer Description

GRE ScoreQuest is the best GRE Prep app on iPhone or iPad. Try it yourself.

Key Features:

• Specialized study boards for 7 categories: Text Completions, Sentence Equivalence, Reading Comprehension, Number Properties, Algebra, Geometry, More Math

• More than 300 practice problems with detailed explanations

• Unlock levels, boards and questions based on your performance

• Intelligent Report Card that breaks down your performance at an atomic level

• Global and Local leader boards

• Robust community of thousands of students from all across the world

Note- email address is collected while registering to enable you to access the content from any of your iOS devices, and to provide a way to register at any time, if you wish to later extend access to additional iOS devices.

GRE ScoreQuest uses the best in class content by The Princeton Review and the best in class mobile learning technology developed by BenchPrep.

The Princeton Review has been a pioneer and leader in helping students achieve their higher education goals for 30 years through college and graduate school test preparation and private tutoring. With more than 165 print and digital publications and a website,, the company provides students and their parents with the resources to research, apply to, prepare for, and learn how to pay for
higher education.

BenchPrep is an interactive and adaptive test prep platform that delivers test prep courses anytime anywhere on any device- Computer, iPhone, iPad and Web.
The company was voted “most innovative and best-in-class test prep and assessment platform” at the 2010 Education Innovation Summit and won the New Venture Challenge at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

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