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A feature rich app for very young learners which is packed with different activities and features to entertain and educate very young users, all bundled into a single virtual preschool environment. 

Grandma's Preschool Review

Grandma’s Preschool is packed with different activities and features to entertain and educate very young users, all bundled into a single virtual preschool environment. The app is very easy to use, full of imaginative and interesting aspects all wrapped up in a polished design.
The app once loaded, can be used without a WiFi connection - perfect for keeping little ones entertained on the go. It is incredibly easy to navigate around and use - from the load screen a young child would easily be able to find their way around and select the activities they want to use. All of the activities are bundled into a screen that looks like a preschool classroom, with lots of “hot spots” where the children can touch to access different features. This works so much better that a written menu with blocks of text, given that the likely users will be unable to read. Bright and engaging visual design helps with this, as does the good spacing and clear graphics throughout.
The activities in themselves cover a wide range of different skills and topics - drawing and painting, learning about nature and growing seeds, playing outside, nap time, snack time, activities on a whiteboard, toys, animals, words, shapes, numbers and so on. There are a few children in the classroom too, who can be clicked on and interacted with in limited ways. The whole app has the air of an environment that will feel familiar and safe to a young child, as well as providing many opportunities for new learning.
This app is particularly commendable for its attention to detail throughout, and the depth of content. For example, there is a video projector that you can touch to view videos within the app, and this includes a wide range of topics such as guinea pigs, crayons and jigsaw puzzles - each a bitesize high quality video that will simultaneously inform and engage a young audience. There is also a good range of structure, from very structured activities where the children have to achieve clear set outcomes (such as the nap time activity where they have to give each child the correct soft toy) to much more creative activities such as the colouring crayons, which give children a completely free choice of what to draw, with many differently coloured crayons to choose from.
Overall, this app is polished and full of entertaining and educational aspects that should keep young learners engaged over time. There is a high level of replayability due to the amount of included activities and content, and all educational aspects such as words, shape names etc are accurately delivered.

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