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Grandma's Kitchen

  • iPad, iPhone
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  • age 3+

About Grandma's Kitchen

Grandma's Kitchen is an educational quiz covering kindergarten skills such as alphabetical order, phonics blends, compound words, counting by tens, and basic addition. Grandma asks the questions as she works in the kitchen, offering fun brain breaks as rewards.

Teacher Review

Grandma's yummy desserts beckon kids to play. Kids then answer a variety of literacy and math questions interspersed with short video clips about cooking and food prep, decorating cakes, and finding the healthy foods in the fridge. If kids don't answer a question immediately, Grandma offers a brief explanation. There's no penalty for wrong answers -- they simply disappear to narrow the options. Parents can customize in the settings which types of questions are asked, but the app doesn't keep a record of skills covered or performance.

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iPad, iPhone



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Life Skills


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Cook up fun and learning in Grandma's Kitchen! Bake together some compound words, snatch healthy veggies hiding in the fridge, and use ingredients to make and decorate a cake. This dancing Grandma needs you to spot the differences between the desserts, count by tens to tally the cookies, and choose the clock that shows when your cake will be done. Plus, watch videos of real-live cooking action alongside dear ol' Grandma! 

Parents, teachers, and kids are raving about Grandma's Kitchen. Find out why!

Mini Games

1. Spot the Difference. One of those desserts has an extra chocolate chip... can you spot the one that is different?
2. Word Bake. Let's put the dough words on the pan to see which ones bake into compound words!
3. Utensil Patterns. Figure out which nutty utensil comes next in the pattern.
4. Food Math. Wow, look at all those pickles! Count by tens to find out how many there are!
5. Pick the Clock. Our cake will be done at 3:00! Can you find the clock with that time?
6. First Letters. Can you find the first two letters in the word "snack"?
7. Fridge Fun. Those fast-moving veggies are hiding in the fridge… put them in the bowl, but don't grab the junk food!
8. Equal Parts. Which pie is cut into equal parts?


  • Eight educational mini-games.
  • Seven videos of real kitchens in action.
  • Fun interactive add-ins: wash dishes, make and eat a cake, give Grandma a kiss, lick the spatula, read along.
  • Colorful graphics, professional-quality music, sound effects, and voices.
  • Dancing, animated Grandma!
  • Adult can select which mini-games are active.
  • 20 fun facts about food, cooking, and healthy eating.
  • Developed by an Educational Psychologist and parents. Tested by children.

Educational Content

+ Consonant blends: fl, sp, gl, gr, fr, br, st, dr, bl, cr, br, pr, sn, and pl.
+ Telling time: analog clock to the hour
+ Colors: orange, purple, brown, green, yellow, pink
+ Vocabulary: over 100 kitchen-related words (e.g. spatula, vanilla, ingredients, etc)
+ Healthy eating: identify unhealthy foods, eat a variety of foods
+ Compound words: over 30 words (e.g. oatmeal, seafood, cookbook, etc)
+ Math: numeral recognition/counting: 1-30, counting by tens, addition, identify equal parts of a whole
+ Pattern recognition (AB, ABC, ABCD, ABA, ABBA, AABB)
+ Observation skills (spot the difference)
+ Reading: word tracking, phonemic awareness, sight words

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