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About GramMars Wars

GramMars Wars is a game-based app that has been developed to help strengthen children’s use and understanding of English Grammar and all the different aspects that make up the English language. Through playing, children work their through a number of levels defeating the aliens, whilst also learning all about the different grammar techniques, such as pronouns, verbs etc in the English Language.

Everything about the app makes it feel like it is first and foremost a game, and this is definitely to the credit of the developers who have almost surreptitiously sneaked a whole load of learning into it. From the gameplay to the design and sounds you would think you were in an arcade rather than learning the intricacies of English grammar.

GramMars Wars Review

What is GramMars Wars app?

GramMars Wars app is an app aimed towards young children to help their understanding and use of English grammar. It is a game based app that has the user compete to destroy the aliens by learning the different grammatical techniques that exist in the English language and showing their understanding by answering questions correctly.

What we love about GramMars Wars

The GramMars Wars app has a number of really good features that make it a great app for young children to use both in an educational and home setting. There are a number of different ways in which a user can access the learning in the app (although they may not realise this is what they are doing). In the ‘Campaign Mode’ within the game the app is able to give proficiency score based on learning that has happened. Within this there is also a advanced campaign with a large number of learning objectives. This is an excellent addition to the app from an educational perspective as it means an adult is able to ‘check in’ on how well the user is going.

On top of the Campaign mode there is a daily learning challenge that changes each day to keep the user challenged every time they log in and also a specific learning mode where it is more focused on the actual learning. 

The content within the app is also a very large part of the success. As previously mentioned there are a number of different ways to access the learning, from the ‘Campaign Mode’ to daily challenges or interactive tutorials there is a whole host of learning through the app. That’s not even mentioning the fact that there are over 300 levels and 100 different grammar topics.

What skills does it improve?

GramMars Wars app is a language learning app. Through using it, children are able to develop and further their understanding and use of some of the biggest elements that make up the English language. Breaking down over 100 different grammar  techniques across 300 plus levels the user is able to learn all the different strands of grammar, learning what they are and showing that they understand how to use them through correctly answering questions.

Within the game users are encouraged to collect, evolve and train the monsters as they move their way through the levels. This in terms help users to keep returning to the app and helps them to improve their patience as well as their resilience of continuing the use the game even if they find it difficult to keep being rewarded.

What age is it appropriate for?

GramMars Wars is rated for children between 7 and 12. 

Is GramMars Wars easy to use?

The app is incredibly easy to use even though there are extra features within the app users can access. I would suggest that for the younger users of the app they have an adult to assist and work with them to get the most out of the app but as the age of the user increases their ability to use it on their own increases too.

How will students benefit?

Children will enjoy the experience of playing the games in the app and working their  way through the levels whilst also challenging themselves to keep improving upon their scores in each of the levels. Utilising the tutorials will also help with the users scores but specifically also with the actual learning in the app too.

The gameplay of the app is excellent and will really have users wanting to continually return the app. It has the full feeling of an arcade game that will keep the users’ interest leading to continual practice of the learning in the app.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers can make use of children using this app at home with the parents as well as being able to access the student’s scores to see how well they have done, what levels they have completed. Using this information, they would then be able to personalise the learning for each of the different users.

How will parents benefit?

Parents, especially if they interact with their child during the app (for the younger users) have a lot to benefit from it. The app allows parents to see how well their child is doing in the app from the scores they are receiving and from the proficiency score calculated within the gameplay.

What GramMars Wars can improve on?

There are so many really good features within the app; the actual main gameplay but then also the extras such as the daily game, the ability to see a English score and the fact that users are able to earn bonuses for the completion of levels. All of this means that there is very little that I could suggest in terms of improvements.

A couple of potential areas where some improvements could be made is in the optimisation from ipad to iphone as when you use the app on the iphone the main menu button is slightly hidden at the edge of the screen.

How much does GramMars Wars cost?

GramMars Wars is free to download, however, to get all the features within the app you do need to pay. This is either through buying certain packs or buying the whole package.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

The free version gives the user limited access within the app with apps. The extended subscription packages allow access to all the learning within the app. by purchasing the Pro Pass which is a description however this does force the user into automatic payments.

Is GramMars Wars safe to use

GramMars Wars content is completely child-friendly and contains no content that could be considered inappropriate or unsafe for children.

Overall rating of the app

GramMars Wars has received a 5 star EAS rating and this is due to the premise of the app, the learning within it and how the app goes about teaching the users as well the actual gameplay of the app too, especially with its interactive elements.

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