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Grammar and Vocabulary!

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About Grammar and Vocabulary!

Grammar and Vocabulary! Language development educational games for kids in Preschool and Kindergarten and Numbers, Addition and Subtraction! Math educational games for kids in Preschool and Kindergarten apps are in a class of their own.  The apps teach your children a range of skills from vocabulary learning, to sentence formation, counting, adding and the order of numbers. There are different levels to choose from and as your child works his/her way through the app and the different levels there are rewards to be gained for the loveable and customisable characters. The interactivity of the app is astonishing and the games are wonderfully engaging. We have awarded the app an EAS Certification of 4 because the quality is fantastic and the concepts learnt really do stretch the user of the app. We were not too happy about the interruptions of in-app purchase ads related to the series of apps from Tribal Nova. It is a little annoying as the ad pops-up right in the middle of the screen as you are dressing-up and customising your character. We recommend that the company takes this away so that the app really fulfils its educational value. If the app did not have this, we would give it an EAS Certification of 5 because in all other aspects the app truly pushes the boundaries of education, entertainment and engaged learning. 

Grammar and Vocabulary! Review

Upon entering the app you enter into another world; Planet Boing. You can dress up your cute little alien character in get-up that is absolutely crazy! We had a lot of fun putting on crazy hair-styles and strange cow and chameleon-inspired outfits. Children will love this bit. As you progress you gain more rewards in the form of accessories and other additions to your character’s get-up.  The better you perform in the educational games, the more rewards you get. Moreover, each educational game-section is followed by a fast-moving game where you move your character to get more and more rewards (i.e. your character ‘boings around’). The game is fast moving and the graphics are the best that I have seen in an app that is not an actual computer game.
Once the game is over, you return to the educational game in a specific area. Children only hear the name of the planet or landscape in which the can play. However, next to the picture there is the name of what that game is actually is about. For example, ‘Ocean Adventures’ is about words and ‘Savannah’ is about numbers. When you select each game, you must select from three sets of animals. However, once again, each animal represents a topic within ‘numbers’ or ‘words’ .
For example, when you are in ‘Savannah’ you can choose the ‘Meerkat’ which takes you to a ‘Counting’ section.  In this game the aim is to listen to the number that one of the meerkat cooks is shouting. Your aim is to wait the meerkat the pops up from its burrow holding a placard with the correct number that is being shouted out.  Another game shows the order of numbers, your aim is to make the frog jump from lily-pad to lily-pad using the correct number order.  
In ‘Ocean Adventures’ in which you play games related to words,  you have listen to the word and find the illustration of the object. This is very simple and other apps tend to this in a very simple way with a narration and few objects that are covered by card or some other flat and square object. Not in this app. Here you are underneath the sea that is moving and interactive. You have to lift shells, clean the windows of shipwrecks and brush off seaweeds in order to find the correct object. 
As your child progresses and plays with each game, you are able to see in the ‘parent section’ what activities your child is doing and how many times they have played that game. This is useful so that you can what your child likes (numbers or words in this case) and also, how he/she is progressing with the app so that you can choose other games in order to develop skills. 
This app will really challenge young children but it will do so in a manner that is fun and exciting. Learning has taken on a whole new level with this. We were also very excited to see that Tribal Nova have created a whole series of other apps based on Creative Skills, Emotional Development and Life Sciences. Tribal Nova really does have an eye on pushing the boundaries of 21st Century learning. Please take the ads out so that we can give you the EAS Recommended status because we really do want to! 

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