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About Grade Point - GPA & Homework

The software application ‘Grade Point – GPA & Homework’ is a student tool ideal for tracking grades, homework, assignments and classes. The application can track and calculate your GPA (Grade Point Average) score using the versatile GPA grade calculator and grade weight your assignments accordingly. The application is free with for a trial period where further subscriptions can be purchased. The app is free form in-app adverts.

Grade Point - GPA & Homework Review

This unique application is an ideal student tool for tracking your GPA (Grade Point Average) score and includes several other versatile and useful features.

Once the user has signed up to the free trial the application opens with a well presented, clear dashboard interface.

The app-in instructions and prompts help the user set up their classes by pressing the ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the dashboard. Here the user can add the class name, allocate a percentage or grade linked to a selected level/program such as Regular, Honors, AP (Advanced Placement), IB SL (International Baccalaureate Standard Level) and IB HL (International Baccalaureate Higher Level). A credit score/rating can be added accordingly along with the option to make the class exempt from the GPA (Grade Point Average) Score. The process of adding a class is simple with the user interface is easy to navigate. We would like to see the option of adding a colour code to the classes/subjects to assist the presentation of the app as well as subject colour identification within the calendar.

Once a class has been created this can be seen in the home dashboard along with the level of qualification and allocated credits. Once the class has been selected assignments/syllabus options can be added with allocated weighting. As suggested in the ‘How it works’ menu most American schools use the 4.0 grading format, in which letter grades are converted into values. The application will total all corresponding values for each letter grades, then divide that by the total number of credits resulting in a GPA score. This is a useful insight into the potential of the application, however, some instructional videos on how to use the app in more detail could be beneficial to the user.

It is noted that this application is written in US English and is suitable for those students who use their GPA score regularly. However, the application could also be used by students who reside outside of the US making use of the class, assignment. Calendar and notifications feature within the software. Is it noted that weightings for courses can be edited via the home dashboard using the settings icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen. It may be beneficial for the developers to consider the option of editing the course titles from Regular, IB SL etc. to others such as GCSE and A-Level for the UK market. We were unsure of the application of the ‘Upload’ icon in the top right of the home dashboard. We liked that fact that sharing a GPA score via twitter or an email celebrated a student’s success, however, a direct link to the app via the Appstore seemed unnecessary.

The student calendar can be displayed via the Calendar icon at the bottom of the Home dashboard. This enables the student to add and view assignments effectively acting as a Homework planner/diary for the student. This works similar to an iOS calendar where descriptions, due date and notifications can be added. Once again this is a very easy interface to use. The student can switch between Assignment and Calendar view.

The ‘Settings’ icon in the bottom right of the screen gives the user access to further menus and options such as deleting all data, upgrading to further subscriptions, contacting the developer as well and terms and conditions. 

The application Grade Point – GPA & Homework has several key features and options that any student studying an academic subject will find useful. The application has a multitude of options that could confuse the user very quickly, however, the graphical layout and interface make the app a pleasure to use and navigate.

Many applications track GPA Scores and subjects and this is by far one of the best. The ability of the app to convert grades into an overall GPA score is a great feature and sets this apart from others. Although this application is primarily for the US market it could be adapted for other worldwide users with a few minor tweaks. This application comes highly recommended by The

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