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About Google News

Google News is a free app to get the day's news at a glance. Google News is available in 127 countries on Android, iOS, and the web.

Google News Review

Google News is an app and a great way to get the day’s news at a glance, it even incorporates local weather at the top of the screen. It’s a natural evolution of news feeds, and since it was developed in close contact with publishers, it’s great for both content producers and consumers. Google News is one of the recommended news websites for kids and students.

What do we like about Google News?

Google News has more possibilities to choose what news you are shown than the Google Feed, even if you don't specify select themes. You can opt to view more or less of a particular type of material in the future by hiding or following specific sources.

You can select a variety of topics and sources to follow under the Favourites section. You will also see here any magazines you have bought or any articles you have previously saved. The app will propose topics and sources based on your more recent search history and appears to import your past favourite topics from the Google Play Newsstand app, which not many people utilised.

What skills does it improve?

The Google News app is made to keep you informed about current events with articles from reliable sources.

What age is it appropriate for?

The Google News app is appropriate for all ages.

Is Google News free?

Google News app is free to access on all Android and iOS devices.

Is Google News easy to use?

Any article you choose to read will first appear in the Google News app, but you can quickly touch to see the article's original web page or the sources' main page.

How will users benefit?

For students learning how to search the news and find trustworthy, knowledgeable articles on just about any topic, Google News may be a wonderful learning tool. Google News presents the good, the bad, and the ugly of online news sources, in contrast to other services that are geared toward news literacy and provide cleaned and filtered feeds of reviewed content. While this can deter some educators, it provides a useful testing ground for investigating issues with bias and fact versus opinion in news literacy.

Full Coverage, which offers a plethora of information on a certain issue, is Google News' most distinctive feature. The "temporal co-locality" method, which Google uses, "maps relationships between entities and understands the people, locations, and things in a story right as it evolves." The feature operates flawlessly. First, a section titled "Latest updates" appears, displaying articles and other stories regarding the subject that have been published since you last checked.

Google News is intended for adult users, but it can also be used in a teaching setting. It's ideal for high school kids who need to undertake research on a subject, locate trustworthy sources to quote and dig for data, or write a position or research paper — and do it all in a real setting that teaches them how to be informed, citizens. Additionally, it's a terrific approach to locate current affairs and conversation starters that apply to students' daily lives. Students can spend some time saving their favourite topics, sources, or articles to construct their own hand-curated list of resources, whether it is to help their studies, coursework, or personal interests.

Users can also choose any subject, location, magazine, search result, or specific article to save for later; these selections are all preserved in an accessible Following area. There is also a flexible search box where users may perform searches using many parameters, including date, phrase, location, source, and others. Through email, Facebook, or Twitter, users may simply share any single resource, subject, or search result.

How much does Google News cost?

Google News app is available free of cost. 

Final thoughts

Google News is a single source for breaking news from throughout the internet, including articles, videos, commentary, and even Twitter trending topics. The website categorises and groups stories into the following groups: Top Stories, U.S., World, Local, Business, Technology, Entertainment, Sports, and Health. A real-time news feed structure is used for all of the information, and the majority also have subcategories to peruse. Additional features on the Top Stories page include local weather, a Fact Check section, in-depth reporting, and more. Users are directed to the website hosting the article or video whenever they click on a certain story.

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