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Google Arts & Culture

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About Google Arts & Culture

Explore collections and stories from around the world with Google Arts & Culture. The site began as the Google Art Project and it has grown tremendously over the years to include both museums, sites, and historic video clips. The three areas include collections, themes, and experiments.

Teacher Review

Google Arts & Culture is about exploring various cultures, people, and places influential in shaping the world we know today. 

Aside from the fun selfie feature (which, right now, is only available in the U.S.), users are able to virtually explore museums and spaces around the world, search for artists and collections, and read inspiring stories of current people impacting their communities today.

Users can explore the art of a particular artist; view museum collections around the world; see experiments; take a tour of places like concert halls, historical sites, and world heritage sites.  Timelines are included so that history classes can view world events in context.  Users can create their own favorites and then create galleries as a class project. 

From investigating world heritage sites in 360-video recordings to viewing famous artworks zoomable high-definition, to using VR devices in museums far from your location, users can investigate content, develop research reports and presentations, and simply learn new things.

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Android, iPad, iPhone





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Are you curious about what Van Gogh’s Starry Night looks like up close? Or the difference between modern and contemporary art? Would you like to wander round a museum halfway across the world?

With Google Arts & Culture you can visit top exhibits, zoom in on artworks in mind-blowing detail and browse thousands of stories, photos, videos, and manuscripts. Be your own curator by finding your favorites, creating your own collections and sharing them with friends. Travel anywhere with tours of iconic sites, famous buildings and natural wonders, on your screen or in VR. Learn something new everyday.

Google Arts & Culture has collaborated with over 1,200 museums, galleries and institutions in 70 countries to make their exhibits available for everyone online. Start exploring, now.

• Zoom views - Experience every detail of the world’s greatest treasures
• Virtual Reality - Grab your Google Cardboard viewer and immerse yourself in arts and culture
• Browse by time and color - Explore artworks by filtering them by color or time period
• Virtual tours - Step inside the most famous museums in the world and visit iconic landmarks
• Personal collection - Save your favorite artworks and share your collections with friends and students
• Nearby - Find museums and cultural events around you
• Exhibits - Take guided tours curated by experts
• Daily digest - Learn something new every time you open the app
• Art Recognizer - When visiting a museum you can now point your device camera at artworks to learn more about them, even when offline (at select museums)
• Notifications - Subscribe to receive updates about the top arts & culture stories
• Translate - Use the translate button to read exhibits from around the world in your language

Permissions Notice
• Location: Needed to recommend cultural sites and events based on your current location
• Camera: Needed to recognize artworks and provide related information about them

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