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About GoodReader PDF Editor

GoodReader is a PDF reader app that allows you to annotate PDF files, and access, manage, organize, and read just about any file that you want to. GoodReader is available to download for iOS devices.

GoodReader PDF Editor Review

GoodReader is an app that, as its name implies, is a reader, a file manager, plain text editor, and a PDF annotator. Additionally, it can read and store .doc, .ppt, .xls, .html, .rtf, .jpg, audio files, and video files. It cannot read e-books, but for every other file type it is invaluable.

GoodReader has a great set of tools for annotating and marking up PDFs and many of the app’s onboarding popup windows provide a good overview on how to use the app’s unique design. GoodReader relies heavily on glyphs and icons (like PDFpen) for actionable buttons and it’s oftentimes difficult to decipher exactly what each button can do.

GoodReader has strong Apple Pencil support, with some of the best handwriting features of any app tested here. The Apple Pencil sensitivity is a little on the sensitive side and there are numerous extra taps to delete, undo, or change an Apple Pencil annotation.

Is GoodReader secure?

GoodReader can encrypt all your files and folders with Military-Grade AES-256 Encryption. This encryption works independently of the standard device encryption that is unlocked with the device passcode.

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