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About GoodGeometry

GoodGeometry is an add-on to GoodNotes, the popular notetaking app for iOS devices. When you install GoodGeometry, you can transfer detailed geometry tools to GoodNotes, allowing you to construct geometric diagrams easily. Your diagrams won't be sketches but have precise angles and consistently scaled dimensions.

GoodGeometry is a single purchase with no ongoing costs or in-app purchases. The app is most suitable for high school and secondary school-aged math students and above.

GoodGeometry Review

What is GoodGeometry app?

GoodNotes is a hugely popular app among students, especially as GoodNotes is free for educational establishments. GoodGeometry is a third-party add-on to provide geometry tools for GoodNotes, requiring you to have GoodNotes on your device.

You can share the included tools with GoodNotes when you use this app. This follows the same process you use to share between any apps on Apple devices. 

Once done, you can select the tools within GoodNotes and won't need to repeat the  process. The tools are not just static images. They are interactive and usable. For example, the rulers help you to draw straight lines to the length you choose, and the protractors help you intersect lines at your required angle. 

The tools include:

  • Set Square
  • Compasses
  • Rulers
  • Protractors
  • Squared worksheets in centimetres and inches.

What we love about GoodGeometry app.

GoodGeometry is a straightforward product that enhances a popular tool. By leveraging the familiarity of GoodNotes, this app makes it easy for geometry students to improve their studies without having to learn a new app.

This app turns GoodNotes into a useful and effective toolset for learning and teaching geometry. Its convenience and ease of use make it an essential app for those who wish for more precision in geometric construction in GoodNotes.

Our left-handed reviewer also appreciated the consideration of left-handed notetakers. This is an underestimated accessibility feature that can make some apps much easier to use for approximately 10% of the world's population.

What skills does it teach?

GoodGeometry does not provide any direct tuition or skill development features. However, the app supports math students or anybody who frequently needs to refer to geometry in their notes.

What age is it appropriate for?

Typical users of GoodNote are high school or secondary school-aged and above, including college students. Nothing in Good Geometry is unsuitable for young kids, but they are not likely to use GoodNotes or need the tools in this app.

Is GoodGeometry app easy to use?

There is not much you need to do in GoodGeometry other than select the relevant tools and share them with GoodNotes. If you are an existing GoodNotes user, you'll know how to use the tools.

GoodGeometry is supported by various videos that explain how to use the app and tools within GoodNotes. The videos are clear and explain the application of the tools well. They are a good way of understanding what the app does before you buy it, so we recommend you view them.

How will students benefit?

Geometry is a precise field, and students' notes are better when they are clear and accurate. Good Geometry enhances both of these facets for those who use GoodNotes.

This app also turns GoodNotes into a portable geometry toolkit. Learners don't have to have their physical math tools to study or practise geometric construction. They can use rulers to draw accurate straight lines and set squares and protractors to define angles.

How will parents benefit?

There is no specific reason parents will find this app useful other than to support their kids' math study or if they also use geometry.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers will find the tools from this app handy to create explanatory notes for their students either for face-to-face explanations or to share as teaching material. The tools allow for accurate and clear descriptions without requiring teachers who are existing users of GoodNotes to learn a new app.

How much does GoodGeometry app cost?

There is no trial option for GoodGeometry, but it has a lifetime license for a one-off low price. There are no advertisements or further in-app purchases. The app is also compatible with Family Sharing.

Is GoodGeometry app safe to use?

The only content included with GoodGeometry is representations of geometry tools. It has no ads or unsuitable content for young kids, although they are not the intended audience for this app. 

What can GoodGeometry app improve on?

GoodGeometry's website is very minimalist. As a design, it looks good, but it also applies to its content. Websites are a good place for potential buyers to look at apps in more detail than their store pages, especially those without a trial option, so we'd like to see it provide further app information and support.

Overall rating of the app.

GoodGeometry occupies a niche among educational apps, but it is an excellent app if that specific need matches yours. This app is a good buy if you are a GoodNotes user who needs to include clear and to-scale geometry tools in your notes. It isn't expensive, and it adds functionality to a popular app. You have to be in the intersection of a GoodNotes user and a geometry teacher or student to need this app, but we highly recommend it if you are there.

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