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About Gomma Friends

This fun app, to be shared by parent and child, has something to offer both virtual and real skills development for your son or daughter with its printable rewards.

Gomma Friends Review

There are many skills for young children to expand and develop, both in the real world and in the electronic world of mobile devices.  This app occupies the unusual position of having something to stimulate the learning in both of these areas.

The main activity first requires selecting a character from the eight multicultural ones provided and choosing a scene for them to occupy.  Here it becomes a dress up game, although one that prompts children to think about their choices of clothing.  Dressing characters for horse riding is quite different to clothing them for a day on a sunny beach!  After selecting the best clothes a short exercise in interacting with the characters in the chosen setting follows.  This might involve feeding a horse or collecting water from a leaky roof.  These are fun activities that, especially on their slightly different, second visit prompt a little thinking, such as selecting foods that are appropriate for horses to eat.

Offering the refreshingly straightforward approach of making the app a single purchase with no unexpected in-app purchases or distracting advertisements, this app is well crafted for its targeted age group.  Colourful, bold and clear graphics support the activities and a fun set of sound effects combine with them to gently make clear which responses are correct and which are not.  Children can move through the app at their own pace and this lack of time limits also allows parents to encourage them to linger in thought a little more.

These well designed graphics are carried through into the physical activities that are part of your purchase.  When a section is complete parents can enter their email address for the printable scene that their child has unlocked.  This comes through almost instantaneously so that you can go straight from the app to cutting and folding.  A decent quality printer, glue and child friendly scissors are a must to get the best value out of this app. 

Children will get the most out of these printable pictures working with an adult to prompt learning, thinking and discussion.  It really does seem an app designed to be shared by parent and child together.  As well as cognitive skills, children will also be developing practical skills that will stand them in good stead for when they start school.

Sections designed for parents rather than children are nicely separated with a simple maths question acting as gatekeeper and keep children away from key settings.   The area where children keep track of their accomplishments is a little too easy to reset, possibly resulting in some disappointment, and it would be nice if this was put behind some additional protection.

For parents of young children looking for something that they can use with their son or daughter, rather than a ‘baby-sitting’ app, Gomma Friends is highly recommended.  

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Android, iPhone



Cognitive Development
Communication Skills
Engagement and Usability
Creative Development


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