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Goldstar Savings Bank

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Developer Description


Goldstar Savings Bank is an innovative app that gives kids, aged from 4 to 11, an understanding and appreciation of earning and saving money based on a creative reward system. With Goldstar Savings Bank, kids will be motivated to save for the latest must-have, or a little treat, as well as wanting to do their homework and help around the house too!


  • Multiple children
  • Star Bank has ability to try different financial strategies
  • 5 levels of saver to unlock from ‘Mini Money Maker’ to ‘Super Saver’
  • In-app encouragement messages to keep kids motivated
  • Journal feature with photos for ‘Show and Tell’ or publishing on our website!
  • User definable tasks and activities, with lots of ideas from our website
  • Target your child’s effort towards groups of tasks – School, Home and Leisure
  • Link to retailers to purchase savings goals to add to the sense of achievement

How it works

Kids set up a savings goal and break this down into manageable tasks and activities that you set a monetary value against. Using the ‘Star Bank’ you can both explore and experiment with lots of different ideas and strategies to complete the tasks over the time set.

As the tasks are completed, Gold Stars are earned which fill the ‘Star Bank’. When all the tasks are complete the goal is earned! You can then click through to a partner retailer to buy the item too completing your kid’s achievement.

If you want to focus your kid’s attention on a particular set of skills, a great feature of the app guides you to concentrate effort on Star Tasks grouped into Home, School and Leisure activities. Want them to help around the house more? You can add more ‘Home’ group tasks to their schedule. We’re sure you’ll have lots of fun and debate with your kids about this!

Journal their Journey

There is a ‘Journal’ feature where your kids can practice their writing and creativity. They can put their saving and learning experience into words and photos. It’s a great way to produce a ‘Show and Tell’ for their Grandparents, or for their school project. Or, if you’d like to publish their work, you can email it to us for posting on our website.

Form Good Habits Early

Goldstar Savings Bank is all about learning and practising the important core financial life skills that will help your child start forming good habits. It’s fun and engaging, and it’s designed to be used every day to practice the life skills that you have prioritised as a parent. They will be able to absorb so many other important life skills too along the way to their financial awareness.


  • Teach financial life skills
  • Promotes creative learning and development
  • Encourage creativity and thoughtfulness
  • Motivates joint parent/child working to plan and achieve goals
  • Inspires problem solving and assessing of different plans
  • Learn the principles of effort and reward
  • iscover strengths and weaknesses
  • Practise time management skills
  • Learn about delayed gratification
  • Sense of achievement
  • Sense of responsibility
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