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About Gojimo - GCSE, A Level Revision

Revise at home, in class, or on the go with this question and answer app.  Covering the majority of subjects in the GCSE, iGCSE and A Level exams, Gojimo tests and provides helpful hints too.

Gojimo - GCSE, A Level Revision Review

There are plenty of multiple choice quiz apps built for revision available and you may feel there is nothing left to add, but Gojimo shows that few of the existing ones have been done right.  Huge subject coverage: yes. A vast amount of questions: yes. A slick and smooth interface: yes. It really is as good as you can imagine this kind of quick fire revision app could be. There are other revision apps that will give you a helping hand and keep you feeling happy about your exams.

A popular way of using apps such as this is to make any small slice of time a productive and educational time – perhaps taking the pressure off students later when there are other more relaxing things to do.  This app is clearly thinking of being used on the move, as given away by its occasional reference to ‘your phone’ when on a tablet.  It is, however, just a convenient description as Gojimo is  a universal app and so works (and can be synchronised) across devices.  Remember though, a huge amount of subjects and a vast amount of questions have repercussions, you should open these up for the first time before you need them, and preferably over Wi-Fi as the app takes a bit of time to become fully populated.

Once in the app you are met with a choice of levels and exams. For those in the UK school system, GCSE and A Level are available and both are the top tier selection for a collection of subjects popularly taken. Taking GCSE maths as an example, once selected this option is downloaded and you can decide to refine the questions that will appear by topic. There are two tiers to this refinement so students really can drill in on the area that they wish to work on. 

Once a quiz is started a multiple choice question appears. The potential answers are well selected so that the correct one does not stand out as obvious. After an answer is input, users immediately find out whether they were correct and this is supported by a concise, but useful, explanation of how to achieve the answer. The app doesn’t move on until the user is ready and this gives them chance to think some more about the question and answer,  either to work out how they went wrong, or if they were right, see if they were right for good reason.  The question is moved on by tapping a small button at the bottom of the display.  On a tablet this button is somewhat swamped by the size of the screen so that on first use it isn’t clear how to move on, but once its function is realised it is no problem in subsequent questions.

As well as being a superbly realised revision app as it stands, Gojimo looks to be also improving. Currently in beta its supporting website offers another way to access the content and each student’s statistics can be synchronised between it and the app. More subjects are also promised for the future.  Students will appreciate having so many of their subjects in a single app and not having to learn and get used to different interfaces.  Downloading Gojimo is highly recommended.

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