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About GoHenry

GoHenry is a financial education app and pre-paid debit card provider for kids. GoHenry helps teach children how to manage their money, plus it also comes with a customisable debit card, app, and clever parental controls. GoHenry is an easy and fun way to pay your kids pocket money and teach them good money habits. GoHenry is available for free to download on iOS or Android devices.

GoHenry Review

What is GoHenry?

GoHenry is a money management app that helps parents nurture good money habits in their children and manage pocket money from their phone. GoHenry is a safe and secure means of giving kids a level of control over their savings and pocket money that you can monitor. GoHenry is much like a bank account designed for children but with additional features that give parents control, a prepaid debit card for children, and tools to help them save.  

GoHenry gives kids a taste of financial control and education without many of the risks.  Parents can transfer pocket money and gifts to children using the GoHenry app and monitor how the money is used.  Children watch and save their money using the GoHenry app and spend it using the GoHenry prepaid debit card.

This GoHenry review concentrates on the customer benefits and experience of the GoHenry app and card service. No part of it should be considered financial advice.

How does GoHenry card work?

Children are given a pre-paid Visa contactless debit card with parental controls through a linked online account. Parents can set up tasks for their children to complete in return for pocket money. It is possible to choose whether the cards are used online, in store or everywhere.

Parents who have set up a GoHenry account can use it to administer up to four child sub-accounts. Parents transfer money into the parental area of the account and then transfer from that to their children at a time, regularity, and value of their choosing.

The GoHenry login distinguishes whether the app is to be used by parents or kids. Parents administer the parental balance, change restrictions on their children's account, and monitor how kids accounts are being used. Children set savings goals, monitor their saving and spending, and see what paid tasks they have still to complete. All of this is done on the easy-to-use GoHenry app.

There is an educational side to GoHenry. In part, this comes from kids using the GoHenry account to save and spend. In normal use, they will learn about card and PIN safety and financial management. Additionally, parents can use it to add tasks for children that will be paid for once marked complete in the app.

Is GoHenry free?

You can try gohenry as a free trial. But once this finishes, you will need to pay a monthly subscription.

What we like about GoHenry

gohenry is a very simple service to understand both for parents and kids. The gohenry app is simple to use. The card works like any other debit card within the controls placed on it by parents. The associated costs of the service are clear.

Parents can automate or manually control many features of the service. You have total control over the topping up of kids' cards. Should you want it to top up a fixed amount each month, you can, if you want it to top up when it goes below a set amount, this too can be done. Finally, you make it all manual - just be sure to stay on top of this so that your child never finds themselves stuck without a means of payment.

There are many benefits to having a gohenry account that can make gift-giving easier, help out in emergencies, and simplify parent/child relationships. A comprehensive FAQ section goes through these options and, while you may never need many of these, they are useful options to have.

gohenry is a very simple service to understand both for parents and kids. Certain actions are limited to a certain number of times in a given period or to certain values. These are made clear on the service's FAQ and are set at a level that should not prove inconvenient during typical use of the account.

How much does GoHenry cost a month?

Gohenry costs a monthly fee of £2.99 per child and gives you access to all of the premium features. GoHenry is a paid service following a 1-month free trial. 

The monthly fee might put some parents off but GoHenry's fee is comparable to other competing products that offer similar functions for children and parents. Many of the usual means by which adult-focused financial services support themselves are denied to gohenry and similar kid-focused services. The fee gives the gohenry service the freedom to tailor its features to kids and parents without compromising its child-friendly and security aims.  

There are some other fees that, while not exactly optional, can be avoided. For example, you can add to your parental account from your main bank accounts once per month without extra cost but any subsequent top-ups cost an extra 50p, in the UK. This restriction does not apply to transfers from you to your kids.

ATMs that are free to use are also free for holders of a gohenry card but not all ATMs are free to use and these will charge gohenry withdrawals as they would any other card.

Parents can refer friends to the gohenry service for a bonus reward. A group of parents could make use of this to offset some of the cost.

Is GoHenry safe?

Yes, gohenry meets the legal requirements of the countries in which it operates. According to gohenry's website, gohenry is licensed by Visa, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and holds all customer funds in a separate account to protect them in case of business failure.

The gohenry cards themselves are contactless and behave similarly to any other such card. There is a process by which lost or stolen cards can be reported. 

Parents can set the following restrictions on the card's use:

  • Where it can be used - cash withdrawals, in-store or online.
  • A weekly maximum spend.
  • A maximum spend per purchase.
  • A maximum withdrawal amount from an ATM.

Finally, there is a restriction that prevents the cards from being used in shops and establishments that have an over-18 merchant code, such as bars and off-licenses.

Parents can also choose to block and unblock the card completely and this comes into effect instantly.

How do you put money on a GoHenry card?

Standing orders and direct debits can be used to transfer money to the gohenry account ready for use by the cardholder. The first transfer per month is free while subsequent ones attract a fee.  

Is GoHenry contactless?

Yes, GoHenry cards can be used for contactless payments. All of the standard contactless rules apply as do any further restrictions that parents have activated through the GoHenry app.  

Remember that contactless cards of all types periodically ask for PIN confirmation so children will need to know their PINs. Emphasising the importance of PIN secrecy and security is a good financial lesson to teach in regards to this - especially never writing the GoHenry PIN down or telling anyone else what it is.

Is GoHenry easy to use?

The gohenry app and the features of its kids and adult accounts are easy to understand and use. The gohenry app is especially well designed to be equally appropriate, clear and usable by parents and kids.

How will kids benefit?

There is a growing trend toward cashless transactions accelerated by the pandemic. Children with cash in their pocket might struggle to buy a drink or a sandwich at a cafe with just notes and coins. Having a debit card gives kids flexibility and having this as a gohenry card adds safety and security too.  

gohenry's savings goals are an excellent educational feature. Children can set a percentage of the money transferred in to be allocated to their savings. This removes it from their general spending money and the gohenry app tracks how close they are to their goal. Kids using gohenry's savings goals won't accidentally dip into their savings without a conscious decision and it starts to build a healthy understanding of financial responsibility.

How will parents benefit?

A gohenry account provides an extra source of reassurance for parents whose children have become more independent. It provides realtime updates via the gohenry app showing where and how much children are spending their card balance.

Parents' lives are made simpler with gohenry. If they choose to reward chores with payments, the gohenry app will remind children of their commitment and pay them without parents having to do more then tick a box on an app.

Parents won't have to worry about monetary gifts from relatives to children getting lost in the post or having to sort out cheques. They can simply set up a relatives' payment area for the whole process of gift giving to become simpler and safer.

One thing parents should not use a gohenry card for is public transport payments. A gohenry prepaid card will always be treated by automated services as an adult fare but it is a useful emergency option.  

Overall rating

GoHenry is an app for young people aged between six and 18 allows parents to give their children digital pocket money. GoHenry's service is very well thought out. It gives children a level of financial responsibility that parents can oversee and control.  

There are other prepaid card and app-based services to help children save and spend while parents monitor and support them and you should check them out. In fact, you should research them with your child because at least part of the purpose of gohenry is to support financial education. Nobody should subscribe to a financial service without being sure of its costs and benefits and this is a good time to model this behaviour for your kids.

gohenry compares favourably with its competitors and offers a safe and secure service for a reasonable price. Compare its costs and contrast its features with its competitors and make your final decision based on your circumstances and your child's needs. From the general point of view of this gohenry review, it is a 5-star app, but everyone's financial circumstances are different and only you and your child can decide if gohenry is perfect for you both.

GoHenry free alternatives

GoHenry is a great idea but can be an expensive way to teach your children about money. So you could also try few alternatives including RoosterMoney.

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