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About GoConqr

GoConqr is a social learning platform that allows individual learners, educators, institutions and, companies to create and share learning content. The software is suited for educational institutions, human resources departments, talent development and training, sales teams, marketing teams, and customer support groups.

Teacher Review

GoConqr is a crowdsourcing site for uploading and sharing class notes, flashcards, quizzes, and more. Free membership offers you access to 3 subjects and 20 public resources. Sign up using your email account to begin using GoConqr's features. Be sure to watch the video tutorials for creating resources for your personal page. Use the search feature to find and access resources already designed and shared on the site. If your district blocks YouTube, they may not be viewable.
The GoConqr software is an excellent learing tool that gathers abundant resources and versatile functions such as mind maps, notes, flashcards and slides. If you focus on learning and use mind map as a recording tool, then GoConqr could be a cost-effective choice. If you are a heavy mind mapping user, then Edraw MindMaster is the most cost-effective software recommended.

One Account Syncs with More Apps

As has mentioned above, GoConqr MindMaps is a subsidiary application of GoConqr. You can create a GoConqr account through the Mind Maps app or sync with your existing web account. Namely, as long as you have signed up a GoConqr account on whatever platforms of the company, you can sign in any software developed by this company such as GoConqr’s Flashcards and Quizzes apps, just like Google does.

Amazing Learning Groups and Resources

Over 7 million users have created more than 4 million resources and courses in GoConqr’s Virtual Library.  You are allowed to rate, pin and share the learning resources. Users can view, play and share Mind Maps, Notes, Slides, Flashcards, and Quizzes as well as get performance overviews in Flashcards and Quizzes.

Social Learning

This app combines learning with social networking so that you can make friends and join in people you like anytime and anywhere. The GoConqr app lets you countless learning groups so that you can connect with people at all levels on any topic. Sharing your works on both GoConqr and social media is easier than ever. Such learning atmosphere brings you back to school time.

Personal Learning Platform

Learning Groups offer users learning resources, mates, and feedbacks. Users can also create resources in a Course via Course Builder, add context and directions, and specify minimum progression requirements. You can not only be a learner but also a teacher in this platform. GoConqr supports sign-in with email, Facebook or Google+, making it more convenient to share moments in learning and daily life.

Pros & Cons

  • No need to download software to computer and learn on the go.
  • Convenient for learning and sharing.
  • Unfixed position of mind map topics may cause mess when you look the map as a whole picture.
  • No collaboration on mind mapping.
  • Endless ads in web version unless you buy Premium version.
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Organisational and Productivity Skills


In-App Purchases - No

In-App Advertising - No



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GoConqr allows you to put together stunning online resources to suit your own learning style. Create media-rich study materials that display old information in vibrant new ways. You can choose from Flashcards, Flowcharts, Notes, Slides, Quizzes, and Mind Maps, or combine them all to make a complete Course. Easily embed links, images, and video files into your resources and customise their design so that they look and perform exactly as you want them to.
Access millions of resources on just about any topic you can think of.
With millions of users creating online resources for students – on topics from Algebra to Zoology- our digital library has something for everyone, no matter what you’re studying. Simply type your search terms in the search bar and we’ll do the rest. Finding online resources that you need to pass exams has never been easier.
Create your own study Group with friends or classmates to share ideas, advice and online resources for students. Or connect with students doing the same subjects and exams as you by exploring GoConqr’s Public Groups. Find the answers to your questions from other students and teachers on our online platform, which is designed to enrich and support your studies.
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