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Gobby – What they DON’T teach you in English class. If you're learning English you need Gobby in your life! 300 fantastic phrases to help you become a master of the language. With Gobby at your side, you won’t be caught out when you’re going for a job, doing business, or going for a big night out...

Here at Gobby Head Quarters in London we have crowd-sourced the most popular words and phrases that are used in the UK everyday so we can deliver them direct to your iPhone.


• 300 useful and hilarious phrases that will impress your friends and native English speakers
• 10 brilliant categories including London English, Love & Romance, and Funny Phrases
• Useful definition of each phrase and real life example of how it’s used
• Fantastic audio: real people – not actors 
• Add a phrase function - become a part of the next version of Gobby!

Don’t forget to visit the website for updates, quizzes and much more!

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