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About GMAT Math Flashcards from Magoosh

GMAT Math Flashcards is an app containing 425 flash cards replete with Math formulas and concepts, and is intended to help you score better on the Quantitative section of the GMAT. The content on the cards has been devised by Magoosh’s expert tutors, who have years of experience coaching aspiring test-takers.

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  • GMAT Math Flashcards from MagooshGMAT Math Flashcards from MagooshGMAT Math Flashcards from MagooshGMAT Math Flashcards from MagooshGMAT Math Flashcards from Magoosh

Publisher's Description

Master GMAT math formulas and solve GMAT questions with free flashcards for iOS. Practice every day to prep for the test and get a better GMAT quant score!

  • 425 math cards written by our expert GMAT tutors
  • Includes GMAT practice questions, solutions, and common mistakes
  • Cards cover all difficulty levels
  • Track your progress as you study
  • Smart algorithm focuses your practice for efficient learning

This app gives you free access to all of Magoosh’s GMAT math flash cards. Sign in with a Magoosh account (or create a new one) to save your progress to the web. You can continue your practice online at

Written by GMAT experts

All of the formulas were selected and explained with usage examples by Magoosh’s expert GMAT tutors, led by Mike McGarry. He has been teaching the GMAT for more than 10 years.

Review that really sticks

Academic research has found that memories are formed by repeated exposure to new information, so Magoosh’s flashcard app uses a spaced repetition system. Concepts you are learning will reappear frequently (occurring less frequently the better you know them) and concepts you already know won’t be repeated. The GMAT list is also culled to only 425 so that you don't waste time learning unimportant words.

“I really like the way the words appear and the simple interface to show progress of the user. You guys have put good use of algorithms so one comes out learning the words well. The best flashcard app to date.” - Arif

"I was able to learn more words in the 4th week by using your flash card app than I learnt over the previous 3 weeks using Barron's 1100." - Sai

About Magoosh

We're an online test prep company with a focus on teaching the GMAT through videos and personalized customer support.

In addition to our online course, we blog about GMAT formulas, problem solving, quantitative reasoning, words, roots, grammar, and reading comprehension along with GMAT study guides and study tips. Articles from the blog have been compiled into 3 separate free ebooks with over 6,000 downloads. Check it out at

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Search the app store for "magoosh gmat" to continue your prep for the GMAT Exam with Magoosh’s video lessons app. Learn all the math, verbal, and writing you need to know for the test!

When you’re ready to practice for the full GMAT exam, Magoosh’s website has more than 800 excellent GMAT Math and GMAT Verbal practice questions, each with its own detailed video explanation. After each quiz, you can review your answers to see your strengths and weaknesses. Visit for more information.

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Don’t wait until the last minute to start studying, start learning GMAT math formulas and concepts today!

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