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Globe Earth 3D Pro: Flags Anthems and World Time Zones

  • Android, iPad, iPhone
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  • age 5+

About Globe Earth 3D Pro: Flags Anthems and World Time Zones

A great little app, packed full of features, that guides you from the moment you open it and continues to engage throughout the experience.

Teacher Review

Ever wanted to know about flags?  This is the app for you!  Flags, national anthems, national territories and more – this app provides a wealth of information, in a highly visual manner, suitable for all age and levels of experience.
Upon opening the app, users are presented with a globe of the Earth and given clear instructions explaining how to operate different features, such as pinch, slide, double tap, turn, etc.  This allows users to zoom to in and out, rotate the Earth on different axes or tap anywhere to reveal the name of a country.  This alone inspires people of all ages, allowing them to take a whirlwind journey around the globe identifying different countries, however, there’s more… a double tap reveals a list of country names and flags in that region.  From here, users are able to explore further: a tap on the country name links directly to Wikipedia for detailed information, while clicking the flag itself plays the national anthem for that country.  Users can also use the quiz mode to hide the name of the national anthem, just listening to the music, in essence creating a game of guess the anthem.
The app itself is packed with features.  A searchable list of countries enables users to quickly locate countries around the globe.  The ability to switch between map view and earth view allows users to see different terrain.  The option to display each countries’ national flag alongside their territory gives a visual overview of a region and the ability to highlight international boundaries offers users a perspective of the sheer size of countries.  Users can select whether they want to display longitude and latitude lines as well as desired location coordinates.  Finally, by clicking the star symbol, capital cities around the globe are highlighted.  Despite all these qualities, when zooming in, the images can at times appear pixelated and users can only zoom in to a certain distance before the picture becomes too blurred.  It seems that maps are taken as an image rather than a direct link from Google Earth.  Incorporating this feature would be the logical next step for the developer, however, in the meantime, there is link to an external page that provides live maps and directions.  
Within the settings area further features can be found: the ability to set the globe to rotate automatically along with its speed of rotation; the option to select/deselect the 50 states of the United States; and of course the ability to rate or contact the developer.
Overall a great app, designed to engage the curious as well as entertain the seasoned Vexillologist.  Worthy of a 5 star rating. 
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Chien-Yuan Chen

Download Globe Earth 3D Pro: Flags Anthems and World Time Zones

Screenshots for Globe Earth 3D Pro: Flags Anthems and World Time Zones

  • Globe Earth 3D Pro: Flags Anthems and World Time ZonesGlobe Earth 3D Pro: Flags Anthems and World Time ZonesGlobe Earth 3D Pro: Flags Anthems and World Time ZonesGlobe Earth 3D Pro: Flags Anthems and World Time ZonesGlobe Earth 3D Pro: Flags Anthems and World Time Zones


3D Globe with 249 countries (by ISO 3166-1) and 50 states of USA. Gesture control to browse the earth.
Double-taps to link to Wikipedia, and choose realistic flags. Play national anthems.
◎ Support Languages: 正體中文, English, 简体中文, 中文(香港), 日本語, Français, Español, Deutsch, Русский, Português, Italiano, Nederlands, Polski, Ελληνικά, 한국어, ภาษาไทย; Area(km²), Capital City, 首都城市.
◎ Display both names with different languages, and adjust font size
◉ Gesture Control ◉
◎ Tap: focus to center
◎ Double-Taps: link to Wikipedia, or choose flags
◎ Pinch: zoom in/out, rotate
◎ Slide: move viewer
◎ rotate-north-up toggle
◉ Feature ◉
◎ World time zone map (with sea, ocean)
◎ 2 High quality texture-maps, 1 animated-map for seasons.
◎ 300 Realistic flags by real-time rendering
◎ 220+ national anthems (need to download from internet)
◎ Custom your own anthems(.mp3) in Documents folder via iTunes
◎ Support iOS device with retina display
◎ Support Landscape and Portrait mode
◎ Boundary, name, and flag info (by ISO 3166-1 with 249 countries)
◎ Disputed areas by red-outline
◎ Included ISO 3166-1 alpha-2, alpha-3 code
◎ Included 50 states of USA, United Nations, European Unions, and some geopolitical entities
◎ Longitude/Latitude display (with equator, tropical, and polar)
◎ Smoothly control by gesture: tap, double-taps, pinch, slide
◎ Search tool by name
◎ Show your location on earth
◎ Offline browse is OK. (except to link to Wikipedia)
◉ Special Thanks ◉
◎ Naaty Design,
◎ Visible Earth,
◎ Natural Earth,
◎ Tom Patterson,
◎ Bullet Physics Library,
◎ Wikipedia,
◎ Any comments:

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