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About Glean Notes

Glean is a unique productivity app that allows students to take notes in a variety of ways to improve learning and productivity. The application includes features such as classroom recording, highlighted note-taking, note syncing between mobile and web-based platforms, audio note-taking, note organisation and much more. This application is free to download on a trial basis and has a variety of price plans available. The application is available on iOS and a web-based platform and is free from in-app adverts and in-app purchases. The application works in both landscape and portrait mode and is suitable for students who wish to capture academic content for future revision. Glean – ‘The new app that helps you take meaningful notes with minimal effort’.

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Glean Notes Review

Having signed up for the free trial period this application will be reviewed through the mobile-based application alongside the web-based interface. Once an account has been activated the user is shown the web-based platform along with the mobile interface.

Both platforms have a similar graphical interface and include the following features on the home screens.

  • The ‘Home’ icon – This enables the user to return to the home page of the application.
  • The ‘Collections’ icon – This enables the user to create a collection that could include topics areas or subject-based studies.
  • The ‘Search’ icon – This enables the user to search for notes or keywords within their content.
  • The ‘Cloud’ icon – This signifies to the user that they are online within the platform. It is noted that the applications platform can be used offline and online.
  • The ‘Help’ icon – This enables the user to refer to help documentation, contact the developers, use keyboard short cuts, watch intros and create a demo event.
  • The ’Account’ icon – This enables the user to access their account including changes to price plans, account information and desktop installation.

This application has a wonderful interface that has a clean and uncluttered look. Of course, this application only comes into its own once content is added. We used the ‘Help’ icon initially and downloaded the Demo Event to see what this application could offer the user. This event demonstrates a lecture on Time Travel for beginners and displays the audio on the right-hand side along with slides from the lecture on the left. The centre column on the screen displays the note features that have been added to the lecture. These include important information, Headings, Reviews and tasks. Any of these features can be added to the audio of the lecture simply by selecting the desired audio in the timeline and adding notes using the notes section at the bottom of the screen. We found that this was a great way to get started and enabled us to experiment with note-taking using content that was readily available. This truly is a powerful application!

The features displayed in the Event Demo include:

  • Headings – The user can add Topic Heading to any point in the lecture audio.
  • Important – The user can add an important note feature within any part of the audio such as highlighted a key fact, date, quote or explanation.
  • Review – The user can add a Review note for content that may need to be reviewed or returned to for further understanding. Listen to just the highlighted notes again and again. The use of Emojis will appeal to this target market.
  • Task – The user can add a Task Note that may include areas in the audio where the student has been asked to complete something such as a question or assignment.

Other features within this Demo event also includes menu systems for the different layout of the interface, reading view, copying notes, replace slides and move the event. The ‘Record’ icon also allows the user to record in person using the microphone, screen audio or both. This could be ideal for those students who may switch between the platform and the internet for further research. It is noted that the audio can also be played back at various speeds.

Adding an event via the web-based or mobile platform could not be easier. Using the ‘New Event’ icon on the home page the user is asked to import slides in a PDF format. Our PDF presentation had no audio so as a user we recorded our voice reading the PowerPoint. Once this was completed the audio could be used with the note-taking features mentioned above.

Within all of these features, the user can play, rewind and step forward the note as well as deleting, editing and adding further notes within. Events can be edited, deleted and organised into Collections using the Home Dashboard.

How will parents benefit?

Parents could use the application for children who are struggling with communication and revision. Many of today’s children are auditory and visual learners. Parents have the opportunity to sit with their child and watch and listen to content with the ability to add notes where desired. These topic notes can be reviewed at any time using a mobile device.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers can save their presentations or audio lecture recordings to send to students before a lesson for review. This platform may also provide opportunities for teachers to provide feedback on PowerPoint assignments or audio discussions or monologues. Teachers will be pleased to know that students are using the platform to take detailed notes and organise their lecture notes in an easy to access format. The idea of a student recording a lecture so nothing is missed is ideal for those who are struggling to capture relevant key content within a given topic or time limit. This platform is also ideal for those students with special needs or who have difficulty with literacy such as those students with dyslexia. Teachers can also use the Glean Admin dashboard to bulk invite students to lesson content.

How will the user benefit?

It is so easy to use! The user will find the interface a pleasure to use with simple referencing and visual aids. The user needs very little training when using the application enabling the user to gain confidence with their note-taking. Students will be able to take part in the lessons rather than having to focus on constant note-taking. The platform is a great way to organise and sort topics, subjects and notes for future reference enabling the user to learn at their own pace. It is noted that the mobile application is the same as the web-based platform displayed just in a mobile format with instant sync between the two devices.

What we love about the Glean app

Glean is an excellent application and the developers should be congratulated on the following features that we loved:

  • The unique, easy to access platform that syncs seamlessly across both web and mobile platforms.
  • The ‘help’ features within the application and the Demo Event can be used to explore the applications full potential giving the user a true insight into how powerful this application is.
  • The interface has been thought about very well and we love how easy it is to add headings, important footnotes and tasks within the audio.
  • The application has a wonderful feel, the interface is easy to navigate and the layout of the platform is a delight to use. 

What the Glean app could improve on

Glean is an excellent application and there is a limited amount of improvements that can be made, however, we have suggested the following:

  • The application on the mobile platform could benefit from the use of a splash screen before the application loads.
  • The application would be incredibly powerful if the text imported in the form of a PDF slide was automatically translated into audio.
  • The developers may want to consider how the application could be integrated with other platforms used in schools and colleges such as Google Classroom and Microsoft One Drive.
  • The developers may want to consider adding an avatar to the application to enable the user to personalise their account.
  • The developers may want to consider adding icons to enable the user to personalise their account for subject areas.
  • The developers may want to consider the ability to increase the font size for those who are visually impaired or to change the background colour of the application to help those with dyslexia.

How much does Glean cost?

Glean is a free application on a trial basis with some priced plans available thereafter.

Is Glean safe to use?

Yes. Although the platform requires an email account the application does not contain any offensive elements or 3rd party adverts.

Overall Rating of the application

Glean is a fantastic note-taking application that has endless possibilities including those students with learning difficulties. There are several note-taking apps on the market and this is by far one of the best. The unique features and simple interface make it a pleasure to use along with the cloud-based software that syncs seamlessly between device. Glean comes highly recommended by The

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