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About GitMind Mind Map

Teachers and students can create attractive, flexible mind maps and flowcharts with GitMind. Your creations are stored in the cloud but can be exported to a range of practical file formats for use in other software or collaboration.

This app is available on iOS and Android as a free download, and you can also use it through any device’s browser as a web app. Starting with a free account that allows you to try all its features, you can fully unlock GitMind with a monthly or yearly subscription.

GitMind Mind Map Review

What is GitMind app?

GitMind is an app for creating mind maps. Mind maps are visual representations of information that show its links, flow, and dependencies. They can be easier to create than handwritten notes and often easier to access than linear notes.

GitMind provides an easy-to-use mind map creation tool that allows for collaboration and straightforward dissemination of recorded information. While you could create a static mind map using non-dedicated software, it would not have the flexibility of GitMind.

Mind maps are created in this app by defining nodes and how they link with each other. The app then formats and positions them. This toolset makes re-presenting the details simple and updating the data easy.

Multi-format compatibility enhances the app’s flexibility. You can download the app as a native iOS or Android app and access it via a web app. In all cases, you get a similar experience and can use the same account.

What we love about GitMind app.

We always look to see if apps that let users create documents and materials also allow users to own what they make, and we are pleased to see that GitMind does. It has a range of convenient export options that lets users put their mind maps to good use.

These export formats include jpg, png, pdf, Word docX, txt, and GitMind. The last export option might seem unnecessary, but it is very convenient. If you export a mind map in GitMind’s native format, you can pass it on to other students or colleagues for use in GitMind. They can then adapt and add more to it to suit their needs.

What skills does it teach?

As an organisation and presentation tool, GitMind does not directly teach skills, but this does not mean it is not educational.

For some people, creating mind maps is a very effective way to absorb information and mentally organise the topic. Mind maps are also a flexible and visually easy-to digest revision tool.

If kids create a mind map at the end of each unit, they will embed their learning more deeply and have a ready-made revision helper for the future.

Finally, making notes, retaining information, and presenting them for others to see is a skill in itself. Kids who use GitMind will be building up personal organisation and communication skills.

What age is it appropriate for?

The key consideration of whether kids could use this app is whether they can understand the concept of mind maps and learn to use the app’s tools.

It will depend on individual children, but we expect it to be most suitable for kids aged ten and above. Teachers will also find it helpful for planning lessons and creating teaching resources.

Is GitMind app easy to use?

Newly created accounts to GitMind come with two instantly accessible pre-existing mind maps. The first is a simple story of GitMind, and the second is a user guide.

These serve two purposes: they give the user some idea of the mind maps they can create, and the user guide shows the specifics of how to use the tools.

How will students benefit?

Some children with special educational needs struggle to show their understanding in a traditional written format. With their less text-dense presentation, mind maps let kids show what they know and the relationships within that knowledge.

The many varied templates a subscription provides will ensure that kids never have to feel writer’s block as they stare at a black canvas. If they find an appealing or relevant template, they can easily modify it to match their aims.

There is an autosave feature that protects kids’ progress and cloud storage that keeps their work safe. Being in the cloud also ensures that kids can access their mind maps wherever they are for extra revision, reference, or teacher input.

How will parents benefit?

GitMind is a useful tool for kids that provides a valuable alternative to other notetaking and presentational apps. It does this while having a relatively good value subscription and high device compatibility so that parents can get it for kids, whatever devices they have.

How will teachers benefit?

Mind maps have long been popular among teachers. As a personal tool, they are helpful to get what is in their head onto a document that their colleagues can view.

They can become effective starting points for long-term curriculum planning, down to individual lesson plans. Groups of staff will find the collaboration facilities helpful in working together whether they are physically in the same place or not. The range of export options means that the final product can fit into existing workflows.

Teachers can also use mind maps to support kids in lessons and provide homework guidance. Lesson-focused mind maps can show what teachers cover in each lesson, how they link to previous and subsequent lessons, and ideas for further learning.

Those produced in this app look attractive and have excellent clarity. The completed mind map might cover a single lesson or group of lessons, and teachers can either print a copy to hand out or export it to a format that kids can access digitally.

If you need inspiration, there is a superbly diverse selection of example templates for educational purposes, including essay planning, historical topics, and math overviews.

What can GitMind app improve on?

Within the GitMind app is a section for creating flowcharts. This is a useful extra tool but is not yet as well supported for new users as the mind map section. There are no example flowcharts for users to experiment with as they learn. We’d like to see this section expanded.

Also related to user support, we’d like to see some video content to help new users. The user guide is excellent and comprehensive at the moment, but providing some internally-linked video tutorials would make it easier for those who chose to use mind maps because of difficulties in accessing text.

How much does GitMind app cost?

You can download the native apps to your device and access the web app version for free. The free version of the GitMind app has all features enabled but restricts how much you can use them. For example, users of the free tier cannot exceed ten mind maps, and there is a limit on how many nodes each map can have.

This is a fair way of allowing you to assess the app, and, for some uses, such as kids making simple mind maps, it could be all they need.

Fully unlocking the app is via a subscription. This subscription can be monthly or annual, with the latter providing much greater value at over 50% discount compared to the monthly tier. There is a money-back guarantee of thirty days for the annual plan and seven days for the monthly.

A single subscription will work across all of a user’s devices.

Is GitMind app safe to use?

The app asks for your permission for cross-app and website tracking. Apps can use this facility to support targeted advertising or assist the app publisher with assessing its marketing methods. In the case of this app, which does not contain advertising, it is likely to be the latter, and you can accept or deny the request as you choose.

There is a diverse array of example templates which also feature images. As they cover many subjects, it is possible that some may touch on concepts not ideal for young kids. 

Overall rating of the app.

GitMind is a joy to use when creating mind maps. If you haven’t used other nodebased creation apps, there will be a learning curve as you learn to work with parent and child-node dependencies, but you’ll also appreciate the flexibility this method enables. Changing the look and feel of a mind map without entirely rebuilding can help users update their mind maps as their needs change.

Whatever your experience with mind maps and their creation, GitMind makes it easy to find out if it suits you. The free option gives you enough flexibility to see if you or your children would like to use it. The subscription is excellent value if you do.

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