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A lovely app designed to improve your German vocabulary.

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German with Moritz is a vocabulary learning app for all ages but mostly aimed at KS2, KS3 and GCSE level students. The app opens up onto the homepage which is a bright and colourful house with lots of different rooms. The app is user-friendly and easy to navigate around. You simply click on a room in the house and it opens up that particular room showing lots of different items. The user can then click on any of the different items to hear the pronunciation of the selected item. 
Once inside a particular room the user can then select Moritz wearing a mortar board to bring up a list of all the words located in that room and you have to select the word and drop it over the item which you think that word means. It is a good test feature within the app, though this can be problematic at times as the items are located within such close proximity of each other that it can often be difficult to select the item you wish. Users will then score ten points for each item that they identify correctly with the score being counted up and located in the menu section of the app. 
Users can also scroll up from the bottom of the screen after having selected a particular item of vocabulary to reveal that item of vocabulary used in sentences and also similar items of vocabulary, e.g. if the user selects a stool in the kitchen, the user can then scroll up to reveal other items of furniture which is a particularly good point to the app. The items of vocabulary and the sample sentences are in both German and English. 
The content of the vocabulary is very relevant to the KS3 and KS4 curriculum. Perhaps there is some unnecessary vocabulary but on the whole the vocabulary is applicable to the curriculum. Unfortunately the user cannot access all items within the syllabus from the homepage but through the settings icon and from within certain other lessons. Despite the fact that not all features are accessible through the homepage, the content of the app is second to none with a vast array of vocabulary available. 
The app meets its objective of being a good vocabulary learning app which is both educational and entertaining. It is fun to use and easy to navigate around. The ability to browse words in the same category is another advantage. Users will find the app interesting, innovative and interactive. Viewers are able to guide their own way through the app at their own pace. There is one area where the app could make improvements and this is concerning the amount of items of vocabulary in each room - sometimes the app offers too many items of vocabulary. Having said that, the app is both engaging and informative, in terms of its purpose as a vocabulary-learning app.
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Practicing German vocabulary was never easier and more fun. Download German with Moritz for free today und sprich einfach morgen Deutsch! Learn in an easy and playful way, no matter how old you are. Meet Moritz, a curious cat who will walk you around his house and its surroundings. Tap on anything you see on your way, and you will instantly hear the German translation.

Great, now you can pronounce “Dunstabzugshaube” like a real German, but no stopping here! Take a look at the spelling and useful phrases. Up for a test? Cool, then Moritz has a memory game for you in every corner of his little world. Or actually, not so little!

There is a plenty of places to check out in the Moritz the Cat’s house alone - the study with some smart stuff, the garage with a car, the bathroom, the kitchen with a full fridge (Moritz’s favourite, you bet), the living room,.. Or take a walk and discover the garden, forest, city or even the beach! And don’t forget, we are here for German words, so if it’s a vocabulary for your holiday trip, language class, shopping list or a babysitter you are looking for, there is always a place to find it in this app.

So what is it about German with Moritz that makes it unique?

• Say no to another boring textbook! Be the guest in a house in the suburbs and just explore. Whenever you go and whatever you see, it’s a real world you can relate to
• Learn at your own pace! No more pain! You have your freedom to do whatever you want and go wherever you want in the textbook, without ruining the logical structure
• No matter the level, no matter the age - choose the topics which are most relevant to you
• It is sooo easy - just tap on anything you see to read the German word and listen to its pronunciation!
• No need to go from A to Z. Start at any point without being dependant on previous material. All you really need is right there on the screen. No problem jumping in when you have a spare minute waiting for a bus.
• Visually rich - activates your visual memory and learning by associations
• And of course, there’s Moritz the cat, Your guide and friend :-)

Cool, what else is in here?

• 24 lessons - different places to explore, colourful and beautiful
• 900 active objects
• German vocabulary pronounced by native speakers
• More than 2,500 useful example phrases and sentences
• Exploration mode for learning
• Memory game mode for repeating
• For all ages
• Suitable for both total beginners and advanced learners
• Lighter beginners version with the most common vocabulary
• Advanced version with the complex phrases and examples. Most frequent words are marked with a “Zertifikat deutsch” star
• Smart navigation: browse words within the same category (e.g. animals, food, hobbies etc. across all the lessons. Explore the topics related to ones you’re in.
• Effective learning triade: Association, Image, Voice. And text, of course!
• No internet connection required
• Sound, animation and/or background music can be easily turned off
• Free access to 5 lessons, unlock remaining 19 with in-app purchase

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