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German Vocabulary - 5000 Words

About German Vocabulary - 5000 Words

New German Vocabulary Trainer by award winning Mobilinga

Mobilinga's new Android German Vocabulary application is designed by native speakers and has 5000 of the most important German words you need for everyday life. The vocabulary you will learn is enough for you to understand a German newspaper an....

Features include:
*Flashcard system - proven to be the one of the most effective ways to learn
*Content saved on the device and available without going online, saving time and money.
*Award winning audio software to help you perfect your pronunciation
*Words can be learned in both directions: English to German and German to English.
*Statistics mode to help you keep track of progess

The application covers the following categories: work, social situations, leisure, health, education, nature, politics and society, travel, transport business and economy, and home life

There's never been a better time to learn an additional language. Buy German Vocabulary and start today!

About Mobilinga
Based in Bremen, with a team drawn from many nationalities, Mobilinga GmbH has a simple mission: to help everyone in the world that has a smartphone to learn a new language. To date Mobilinga has released over one hundred products in markets across the world.

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  • German Vocabulary - 5000 WordsGerman Vocabulary - 5000 WordsGerman Vocabulary - 5000 WordsGerman Vocabulary - 5000 Words