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Georgie and the Birthday Girl

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Teacher Overview

A well-presented interactive story book that allows young children to have a story read to them, or to read themselves as the story progresses, depending on their age and reading ability level. 

Teacher Review

“Georgie and the Birthday Girl” is an interactive story book that allows young children to have a story read to them, or to read themselves as the story progresses, depending on their age and reading ability level. It appears within a quickly growing selection of similar apps available, although it is certainly one of the better examples of this type of app, for several reasons.

Firstly, this app is backed up by very smart graphics and better than average sound quality - giving the whole experience a polished and reliable feel. The graphics are consistently very good, and each character has their own distinctive visual personality, making it easy for young children to buy into the story line and become engaged in the tale. As well as the e-book “pages” being well designed, the design quality extends into both the menu and the parents’ notes page, maintaining the professional feel of the whole app. The voice narration is very clear, and the story is backed up by relevant sound effects and music which further engage the target audience.

Another strong point of this app is that the storyline itself holds up well, and would be interesting enough within a paper based story book - meaning that it is not relying on the “bells and whistles” of its interactive elements to make up for a story that would otherwise fail to spark the interest of the children reading the book (or having it read to them). There are plenty of events, characters and other elements within the story that can be discussed either at home with a parent, or possibly in a class or small group situation if required. The parents’ notes within the app, as well as the developer’s website, provide ideas and possibilities for starting points for discussion of the story. 

Despite these very strong aspects of the app, it is worth pointing out the limitations inherent in this type of app. Because the whole app contains just one story line, the replayability will not necessarily be great, especially for young children who are used to having lots of novel options available. This might mean that the price is a little to high for parents where the app may be used only a handful of times at home. The developer’s website says that they are working on further story apps, and in future it may be good to see some kind of subscription to a catalogue of different stories available, rather than paying this price for just one. That being said, the app was impressive in its quality and would certainly keep children entertained for some time.

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Developer Description

It’s Party time! Meet new friends, sing a song, go to a party and pop some balloons!

An interactive, musical adventure with Georgie the Dog. Help Georgie overcome nasty Chaos the Crow’s mischievousness by singing along to Pebbles’ birthday song!

Main Story Features

  • Interact with Georgie and all his friends
  • Watch Pebbles skip with glee
  • Interact with and play the characters’ instruments
  • Watch and listen to Cleo play guitar
  • Watch and listen to Roxy play the drums
  • Watch and listen to Mack play the recorder
  • Watch and listen to Penny play the tambourine
  • Watch and listen to Georgie sing a song
  • Watch Chaos steal all the instruments
  • Throw Chaos’ tail feather around the screen
  • Make Chaos appear from inside the log
  • See what instruments the characters choose to make
  • Give Georgie a party hat
  • Watch Pebbles dance
  • Play with all the party balloons
  • Watch the gang perform their own birthday song
  • Watch a balloon pop on Chaos’ head
  • Pop all the balloons at the end of the story

Cognitive, Language, and Motor Skills

  • Read along with your child
  • Sing along with your child
  • Hear what different sounds the guitar, the tambourine, the recorder and the drums make
  • Touch and feel your way around the fun interactive pages
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