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About Geometry Solver: Calculator

Geometry Solver app lets users enter the properties of a flat or volumetric shape to calculate the unknown values.  It also has reference information linked to each shape, including correct terms and formulae.  At the time of this review, the app covers 84 shapes and 199 formulae.

Geometry Solver is an iOS-only app that works equally well on iPhones and iPads.  You can download the app for free, but it will have limited content and include advertisements.  A reasonable, one-off in-app purchase buys the Pro version—unlocking the app fully and removing the ads.  This review of Geometry Solver is based upon the Pro version.

Geometry Solver: Calculator Review

What is Geometry Solver app?                                  

Geometry Solver is a convenient geometry-solving app for flat and volumetric shapes. 

Users choose the type of geometry their problem is based upon and then enter their values.  The app then gives them the unknown properties.  Each shape is also accompanied by a brief definition and description of its properties, making it useful for reference.  Further details about the shape are provided by an in-app link that leads to a Wikipedia article. 

What we love about Geometry Solver app

Geometry Solver’s user interface and graphical representations are sharply defined and easy to read.  The app’s purpose is reflected in the workflow with every option taking the user closer to the solutions they need.  Its brief overviews of shape definitions and the names of the properties are packed with useful information.

Users can choose the level of accuracy they want for each answer by selecting how many decimal places it should have.  This is convenient in practice because users have to complete the final step themselves in apps that set a fixed rounding level.

When a user wants an answer to a geometric problem, they can get it easily and quickly.  This is what Geometry Solver promises and delivers.

What skills does it improve?

Geometry Solver is not a teaching app, but it has features that make it useful for reference and error-checking in regard to finding unknown properties of flat and volumetric shapes.

What age is it appropriate for?

This app is most useful for students aged 14+ as they will be working with more complex formulae and shapes, although some of the solving options available in the app relate to geometry problems that younger children might attempt.

Is Geometry Solver app easy to use?

Geometry Solver has a clear layout and logical flow.  Each time you wish to solve a geometry problem or look up a shape, you first choose ‘flat’ or ‘volumetric’.  Next, you pick a type of shape, such as triangles, and finally, you select the appropriate solver.

A clear diagram showing the relevant parameters accompanies each selection.  This is very useful in cases where students have forgotten the correct terms but know the shape they want.

How will students benefit?

Students always have to use restraint with an app like Geometry Solver as they can become reliant on support that will not be available in a test.  However, with sensible use,  Geometry Solver is a convenient way for students to check their answers. 

It is very disheartening for kids when they have made an error on question 1 of 10 and then repeat it through the whole lot.  With Geometry Solver, they can check their answers early on to ensure that they have fully understood the method.

There are also times when students do not need to display their geometric understanding.  For example, design and engineering students might need to complete these calculations as part of another task.  Geometry Solver will let them stay focused on their workflow and the overall purpose of their work.

How will teachers benefit?

Setting tasks for kids needs accuracy as a teacher’s mistake at the front of the class can derail a whole lesson.  Geometry Solver will help tired and overworked teachers avoid making errors when coming up with geometry questions.

Teachers can also incorporate the app into lessons for kids to mark their work.  This isn’t just a way to reduce teacher workload but an excellent way for kids to get immediate feedback on their effort.  If they have made any mistakes, they will better understand the errors when they see them soon after making them.

How will parents benefit?

Parents who are not confident mathematicians can use Geometry Solver to check and help kids with their homework.  If parents control the app, students won’t be tempted to over-rely on it. 

What can Geometry Solver app improve on?

Geometry Solver will be a difficult app for many schools to use as the free version has ads, but schools can only upgrade to the Pro version through an in-app purchase.  As in-app purchases are the most difficult purchase option for schools to administer across their devices, Geometry Solver could be out of many teachers’ reach.  A premium version of the app that you can purchase outright would be ideal for school use.

The information accompanying each shape is clearly written, but, in many cases, the layout could be improved by breaking the monolithic paragraphs into smaller ones.

The app’s supporting website link goes to a Telegram page.  Users of apps today expect to see a supporting website.

How much does Geometry Solver app cost?

The version of Geometry Solver considered in this review is the Pro version.  The non-pro version is free but covers fewer figures and displays ads.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

New users of Geometry Solver should start with the free non-pro version to see if it does what they want in a way that suits them.  There is only a single, reasonably priced in-app purchase required to fully unlock all of the app’s options and remove the ads. 

Is Geometry Solver app safe to use?

All of the content in Geometry Solver is related to mathematics and shapes, so there is nothing inappropriate.  The free version of the app contains advertisements but not the Pro version reviewed here.

A share icon in the app allows users to inform contacts about the app.

Users do not have to enter personal information or create an app account.

As the free version of the app includes ads, the app asks users whether they consent to user tracking.  This should not be relevant to users of the Pro app, but it is impossible to tell.

Overall rating of the app.

Anyone who frequently encounters geometry problems, such as students, teachers, engineers, designers, etc., will find the Geometry Solver app a useful tool on their device.  It achieves answers quicker than using a calculator and with less chance of error.  It also shows the problem visually, which leads to a greater understanding of what the solution reflects

Geometry Solver is not a complex app, but to those who need such a tool, it is a great one to have.

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