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About Geometry solver ²

Geometry Solver ² is a simple-to-use app for solving geometry problems.  It covers a variety of 2D and 3D shapes and lets the user enter values for any of the variables.  The app then uses these to derive other properties of the shape.

Any student, of any age, who is tackling problems of the type Geometry Solver ² covers can make good use of this app.  This will mostly be high-school or secondary-school-aged children.  A limited version of the app is available for free and this includes advertisements.  A single, one-off, in-app purchase fully unlocks the app.

Geometry solver ² Review

What is Geometry Solver ² app

As its name suggests, Geometry Solver ² solves geometry problems. It covers 2D and 3D shapes and shows each step of working out that would need to be followed to if it was done manually. Each of the shapes has a diagram showing to which properties each variable belongs. 

What we love about Geometry Solver ²?

Geometry Solver ² is tightly focussed on its purpose which makes it very convenient to use. Users of the app can get from opening it to calculating the solution to their problem in a very short time and with minimal screen taps. 

The presentation of the shapes' diagrams, the working out, and the formulae are all very clear and relevant to students working on geometric problems. Geometry Solver ² works very well as both a calculation and a reference tool. 

What skills does it improve?

Geometry Solver ² does not teach, as such, but it helps students to understand the geometric properties of 2D and 3D shapes. It does this by allowing them to check their answers to problems and by letting them experiment with shape properties. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Geometry Solver ² is for students who are frequently calculating such things as areas, perimeters, surfaces and centroids of shapes. Typically these will be of secondary and high-school age.   

Is Geometry Solver ² easy to use?

Geometry Solver ² is mostly consistent in its use and clear in what it communicates. The one deviation from this is that it is not immediately obvious that you reach the shapes list by selecting the 2D or 3D icons and then swiping the screen from the left. Once you know, it is easy but as there are no visual indicators to perform this gesture and it is not a generally used method for showing options, you might never realise. 

Aside from this issue, after only a brief familiarisation period, users will be able to concentrate on the maths and not on how to use the app. 

How will students benefit?

As Geometry Solver ² app is so quick and easy to use, students can easily experiment with how changing one variable in a geometric formula affects the others. It is also a very useful reference tool as each shape comes with a list of the relevant formulae. 

Geometry Solver ² is a great way for students to make sure that their understanding is sound. One of the problems with homework is that if students have a fundamental misunderstanding, this can be carried through multiple problems. It is demotivating when hard work is rewarded with poor marks. Students will have to employ self-discipline not to abuse the power of Geometry Solver ² app but it gives them the chance to check their understanding periodically and address any errors in it.   

How will teachers benefit?

Geometry Solver ² app provides a clear diagram showing the different variables and features of each 2D and 3D shape. The formulae and the working are clear and accurate. Teachers can use these to demonstrate how to work through a variety of different problems without worrying about their diagram construction skills and handwriting.   

How will parents benefit?

Not many of us solve varied geometry problems on a regular basis and our memory of how to do so might fade. Parents who once checked through their child's homework or helped them with maths often begin to struggle as the complexity increases and the memory of their own maths learning fades. 

Geometry Solver ² gives parents the tools to check geometry homework quickly, simply, and accurately.   

What Geometry Solver ² can improve on?

Geometry Solver ² looks great on phone-sized screens but less so on bigger devices like iPads. It remains usable but the spacings and font sizes do not take advantage of large screens. This app is most likely to be used on students' phones but schools, who tend to be more reliant on tablet devices, should be aware that it does not replicate the phone experience exactly. 

How much does Geometry Solver ² cost?

Geometry Solver ² is available as a free download that includes advertisements. In the free version, users have to watch an advertisement to unlock all of the calculations temporarily. The free version has about half of the shapes locked. 

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

The app is made fully accessible through in-app purchases. One of these removes the advertisements and another unlocks all of the shapes. The best value in-app purchase does both of these. 

The in-app purchases are one-off payments and the user will benefit from future updates to the app. A look at the updates to the app shows that it has a history of continual development and improvement. 

Is Geometry solver ² safe to use?

Geometry Solver ² does not contain any inappropriate content or potentially unsafe facilities. During its review, the advertisements in the free version were all appropriate for children but as Geometry Solver ² uses a third-party ad network, the advertisements are to a large degree out of the hands of the developer and may be different for each user. 

Overall rating of the app

Geometry Solver ² is a useful tool for teachers and students alike to have on their phones. It enables quick formulae look-up, easy calculation checks, and a clear way to visualise problems. There are a few quirks with the app, but nothing major and the app is undergoing constant improvement. Geometry Solver ² is awarded 4 stars.

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