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Geomaster Plus

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Developer Description

Become a true Master of Geography with 18 exciting games: World's capitals, European cities, Asian countries, Famous monuments, Seas and oceans, States of America...

Interactive and fun, Geomaster Plus puts your Geography knowledge to the test while you are playing!

Play Geomaster Plus and never get bad grades again!

Available challenges with over 40 difficulty levels:

- World capitals
- Canadian provinces
- Canadian cities
- French cities
- European countries
- European cities
- German provinces
- German cities
- Asian countries
- African countries
- South American countries
- US cities
- US States
- French departments
- Flag game
- Famous monuments (coming soon)
- Seas and oceans (coming soon)
- Mountains (coming soon)

So can you place Zagreb, Tripoli or Lomé on the map?

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