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Geomaster 2 is live with new games, a new interface and a high score module to measure your performance... Try out Geomaster 2, the best way to have fun while learning Geography.
Exclusive: 2 new games on World's monuments and mountains ! Free update for V1 users.

★★★★★ - Awesome
Mother of 7th grade boy. We are learning geography together in a competition and both having fun with it!

★★★★★ - Great app
Simple, entertaining and educational. It's an easy way to refresh your geography knowledge

★★★★★ - Surprisingly fun!
This game is surprisingly fun. Was expected a simple geography game but the game adds a challenging twist and an easy way to test your skills.


Do you know where are Zagreb, Tripoli, Lomé? Can you place them on the map?

For adults and children,
Geomaster can put your Geography knowledge to the test while you are playing!

Available challenges
- World capitals
- European countries
- US cities
- US States
- French departments
- European countries
- Asian countries
- South American countries
- Flag game
- World seas game

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