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About GeoExpert: World Geography Map

GeoExpert: World Geography Map helps students learn geographical facts through browsing and memorise them through quizzes. Its simple but attractive design makes it a convenient learn-anywhere study app.

GeoExpert is free to download on iOS and Android and in this format lets users access the easy level of every quiz. Students can learn plenty of facts using this version and see if the app suits their needs. When you are ready to extend the app, in-app purchases open up specific regions or you can unlock the whole thing for a single one-off price.

GeoExpert: World Geography Map Review

What is GeoExpert: World Geography Map app?

Geographical knowledge forms part of the bedrock of general knowledge. Just watch any TV quiz show, and you'll see questions about countries, capital cities, rivers, and other world features. The only way to learn this type of fact is to make a conscious effort to memorise them. Everyone picks up a few basic facts but the only way to develop an in-depth knowledge is to make it your goal.

GeoExpert helps with learning and practising geographic facts. It works well on all screen sizes in landscape and portrait modes but the short practise sessions it facilitates are most at home on a phone device. You can refresh and test your memory wherever you are.

The app shows a clear and attractive map that you tap to enter your answers corresponding to the prompts given by the app. The prompts can ask you to indicate countries, flags, cities, rivers and more.

The app's study mode lets you browse the maps to learn about natural features and human-made aspects of geography. The app's quiz mode tests and records player's success.

An options screen lets user tweak the experience. They can choose whether the app uses miles or kilometres, plays sounds and voices, and whether it shows disputed territory. As befits a world geography app, it has options for many languages.

What we love about GeoExpert app.

Other apps help with memorising geographical features, but GeoExpert is one of the most attractive we've seen. This quality shouldn't be underestimated as a good visual design makes it easier to learn as students find it easier to absorb the information and are more inclined to open up the app.

The elegant design of GeoExpert helps to make the quizzes more enjoyable. It also makes the associated facts presented by the app easier to digest. Gently drifting clouds and air balloons don't add anything to the gameplay or learning but they do make the app more attractive, interesting and welcoming to learners. You can turn them off if you prefer.

The division between the free app and the purchased options is generous, especially for those just beginning to build their geographic knowledge. There's a lot of facts to learn and they're the ones we'd expect people to know so it is a good way of avoiding embarrassment at a lack of basic knowledge.

Many apps covering similar topics highlight a country on a map and then provide a multiple choice option set. We prefer how this app does it. GeoExpert names a country, city, or other features and the player then taps its location on a map. It also presents additional information, such as capitals, even when you are working at the country level. This helps develop and reinforce additional knowledge.

What skills does it teach?

GeoExpert teaches geographic facts through quiz-based content. Players choose world regions to learn and name countries, flags, districts, cities, rivers, monuments and much more.

What age is it appropriate for?

Anyone who wants to invest time and effort in developing their knowledge of global geographic facts could use this app. There's nothing inappropriate for kids in the app but the knowledge it builds is most likely appropriate for kids over 11 and still relevant for adults.

The app's graphics are age-neutral making it universally attractive.

Is GeoExpert app easy to use?

The app arranges the different levels and topics in the app logically. Choose the continent or country to study, then choose whether to focus on states, rivers or monuments. Finally before you begin, the app asks you to choose your level from easy, medium or expert. In the free version, only easy will be available.

How will students benefit?

Students who want to reduce their reliance on search engines for geographical facts will find GeoExpert a great way to do this. This will provide advantages in accuracy and efficiency for related essay writing. Having the facts in memory can also help students perform well in interviews for related college or employment positions.

How will parents benefit?

GeoExpert allows family sharing, meaning multiple family members could practice and develop their geography knowledge. This is cost effective and could introduce an element of competition to inspire effort.

How will teachers benefit?

Rote learning of facts is not as dominant in classrooms as it once was but there is no way around it for learning some things. If teachers feel that they have students who need to develop their basic general knowledge, the free version of this app is a great way to ensure they know some key countries, capital cities and flags.

For more advanced students, the full app will help them to discover and learn in more detail. The ongoing development ensures accuracy in the information provided and everything checked in this review was accurate.

How much does GeoExpert app cost?

You can download the GeoExpert app for free and you'll get access to all of the maps and their associated Easy Level quizzes. When you are ready to move up a level, in-app purchases unlock the different maps so you can focus on and pay only for the ones relevant to you.

If you think you'll want the complete collection, you should buy the Complete Collection from the outset as it will give you a substantial saving over purchasing each pack individually.

Is GeoExpert app safe to use?

GeoExpert does not feature advertisements.

The app has options for in-app purchases. The options screen in the app has a share button for users to tell friends about the app using communication apps installed on the device.

What can GeoExpert app improve on?

The world is a big place and there will always be regions that somebody wants that aren't featured in the detail wanted. We'd like to see this app continue to build out the content. We're hopeful that this will continue as the update implemented at the time of this review added the provinces of the Netherlands. From our perspective, we'd love to have GeoExpert's help to learn the counties of the UK.

The full content of this app is only available through an in-app purchase. Schools would find it easier to administer this app is it was also available as an outright purchase.

Overall rating of the app.

GeoExpert makes learning geography facts a convenient and effective activity. It covers many more facts than competing apps and looks fantastic. Even in its free form, this app is worth playing to test your knowledge of basic facts and if you want to become a geography factbook, expand it into the areas that interest you.

GeoExpert is a five-star geography app.

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