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About GeobeeApp

GeobeeApp helps kids learn and practise facts about the geography of the USA. Students can use it to help improve their general knowledge or prepare for a geography competition such as a Geography Bee.

GeobeeApp is an iOS-only app that is available for free. There are no advertisements or in-app purchases - just lots of geography fact learning!

GeobeeApp Review

What is GeobeeApp app?

There is an inspiring story behind GeobeeApp. The app's young creator was a competitor in the National Geographic-sponsored Geography Bee competition and developed the app to provide free support for those competing.

Time has passed, and the competition has concluded, but variants are still held at a local level. The app continues to be a free, well-made, and helpful tool for growing anyone's knowledge of facts about the geography of the USA. It is one of our recommended geography app for students.

What we love about GeobeeApp.

Simplicity and effectiveness can be virtues in educational apps, and GeobeeApp uses them perfectly. The app's colour scheme, layout and choice of typeface are easy to read and won't lead to tiredness.

A winning competitor in a geography competition created GeobeeApp so you can be assured that it is effective. The designer has personal experience in what works, which shows in the app's structure. Being able to access the quizzes quickly, set their length, and learn from incorrect answers makes GeobeeApp a superb learning companion.

What skills does it improve?

GeobeeApp helps anyone develop their knowledge of the USA's geographical features and related facts. State capitals, state nicknames, and state flags have their own categories. Demographic-style questions feature in a miscellaneous quiz section.

What age is it appropriate for?

GeobeeApp has a clean and age-neutral design that makes it suitable for people of any age. Adults who want to extend their general knowledge can enjoy it as much as a school student preparing for a geography competition.

Is GeobeeApp easy to use?

Getting to the quizzes in GeobeeApp is simple. Select the category and how many questions to answer, and you are ready to begin. The app does not time-limit the activities, so players can think about their answers without stress.

How will students benefit?

GeobeeApp is an excellent app on kids' devices as its quizzes are quick to access and provide helpful practice. Rather than flick to a game, kids can turn to this app and develop their general geography knowledge.

A summary of the player's answers accompanies the conclusion of a quiz and, very helpfully, the correct answers too. This correction makes the app a learning aid and a practice tool.

How will teachers benefit?

Every school device should have a copy of this app. It takes up only a small amount of storage space, is capable of being used by multiple students, and a chance encounter with this app might encourage kids to focus on mastering one or more of the topics. It is free without in-app purchases or advertisements, so it is easy to administer on school devices.

How will parents benefit?

The app is free! Parents everywhere love apps that provide an extra educational boost for their kids at absolutely no cost to them.

What can GeobeeApp improve on?

When players select a quiz, they must choose how many questions to answer. This feature is helpful to ensure that players can fit the session into their available time. There is no default option at the time of review, meaning that the player must always make the selection.

It would be a more fluid process if an option, such as 10, were pre-selected or the app remembered the user's previous choice for future quizzes.

An optional timer would be helpful to replicate the time limits sometimes present in real-world quizzes.  

How much does GeobeeApp cost?

GeobeeApp is free to download and is fully featured. The app does not display advertisements or offer in-app purchases.

Is GeobeeApp safe to use?

At the time of this review of GeobeeApp, the app's store page refers to future updates introducing social media features and using the app to study with a friend. As the final form of these planned updates is unknown, you should check they conform with what you consider appropriate for your kids once they are implemented.

Players can use the app without signing in, or you can use an Apple or Google sign-in. There does not appear to be any additional features enabled by signing in, although the developer may add these in future updates.

Overall rating of the app.

You won't be stunned by the technological prowess of GeobeeApp or overwhelmed by its content, but you will appreciate its simple effectiveness.  

GeobeeApp's rating considers that while a simple app, it is very well made and available to all learners at no cost. The app sets out to help users practise and grow their general geographical knowledge of the USA, and it does so as well as it possibly could. This is why we have awarded GeobeeApp with five stars.

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Soumya Nukala

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