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Geo Touch: Learn Geography

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Geo Touch takes a kinesthetic approach to app learning, players place countries into a map like pieces in a puzzle. Geo Touch is good for learning the countries of the world, but doesn’t have every single country in the world. The quizzes reinforce the new and old info as they are cumulative.

The way it teaches is well done too. It gives you four countries per round, next round four more, and so on. If you make a mistake you are “penalized” by removing the correct countries off the map and you have to earn your way back. It gives you the repetition you need to retain the information.

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  • Geo Touch: Learn GeographyGeo Touch: Learn GeographyGeo Touch: Learn GeographyGeo Touch: Learn GeographyGeo Touch: Learn Geography

Developer Description

Get the feel of how our world fits together with this app by Clever Dragons. Learn the shape and location of each of the US states (included for free, along with US landmarks) or purchase additional maps, including countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa. A map of European capital cities is also available, with additional content coming soon!

School buyers please note: we now offer a full version of Geo Touch with all maps included, no in-app purchases required. Education pricing will be enabled on the full version to allow you to buy at a substantial discount through Apple's Volume Purchase Program.


- Visual and auditory cues help you correctly position states.
- States and countries are presented in manageable sets for just the right amount of learning.
- Switch between Learning and Practice modes to build geographic memory.
- Zoom in and out of each map to see the exact area you want to explore.

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