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About Geo Flags Academy

Studying flags can provide an access point to learning about different countries and is a useful element of general knowledge.  From sporting events to political news, being able to identify a country's flag can provide context and understanding.  Geo Flags Academy teaches and secures the skill of flag recognition by employing the format of a multiple-choice quiz.

Teacher Review

A knowledge of flags is not a key part of the curriculum but knowledge is not rendered purposeless for not being part of a specification.  Most of us would be ashamed not to know the flags of certain countries and proud to know more.  As a symbol indelibly linked with a country's history, flags provide a visual reference point for learning about the nations of the world.  Geo Flags Academy is an app made to facilitate the building of this knowledge.
The visual theme of this app is probably best described as steampunk-esque.  Cogs, brass, and light bulbs tie all of the user interface and presentational elements together.  It might not be the first style that comes to mind for a geography app but it looks polished and works well.  All of the key information is clear and well defined.  Flags are colourful and large.  Text is sharp and easy to read.  
The sound in the app is limited to confirmational effects when answers are entered and a speech element to pronounce country names.  This latter feature is very welcome and will enable children to check the pronunciation of unfamiliar places.  The speech clearly uses synthesis at some point in its creation and has the slightly unnatural flow of artificial speech.  Despite this, it is clear and effectively fulfils its purpose.  
From a teacher's point of view, there are a few shortcomings that would not be apparent to a single user of a device.  The first is the lack of restart option.  The developers may have deliberately left it out to prevent constant restarts when a mistake is made but it is a weakness for an app in a classroom.  If a part-played round is left, the next user has to slog through the remaining questions.  Secondly, the app is clearly designed for a single user.  A classroom mode that allowed for multiple player accounts would be very welcome so that children can enjoy the progress feedback of the app.  Neither of these points totally preclude the app's useful employment in the classroom but they would be nice to have.
Everything works well in the app.   There is a choice of languages.  This is clearly to expand the app's potential user base but it may also be useful for MFL teachers as the countries are changed to match the selected language and the speech synthesis also switches its pronunciation.
The questions and potential answers are not entirely random but tweaked for effectiveness.  Either this or, during review, a fiendish amount of bad luck was at work.  Countries with similar flags are presented as possible answers.  For example, when the New Zealand flag was shown, the option choices included both New Zealand and Australia.  As both flags feature stars and the British Union flag in the top corner, having the contrast made clear is welcome.  Flags that look even more similar, such as Indonesia and Poland, also appear together and are a real learning challenge.
As a free download, the app still offers a useful learning experience.  Matching countries to flags, checking pronunciation, learning capital cities, and a few facts about each country are all there.  Tracking of performance is also available and can be linked to Game Center, although this is not something likely to be useful in a classroom.  
The experience can be extended with an in-app purchase.  This adds two new challenges.  These are not covered in this review but include matching border shapes and capitals to countries.  This makes the app very easy to appraise for yourself and does not feel truncated even its free format.  It is well worth a closer look and will prove a useful app on your classroom's devices.
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Do you know which is the only country whose flag doesn’t have four sides? Is it true that there are two countries with almost identical flags? Are you a globetrotter always looking for fun new facts about the world?

Well, it’s time to put your explorer wisdom to test with this addictive and exciting game!

What’s your flag count?
Guess country flags, discover how many capitals you can name, and learn new facts about your favorite destinations around the globe. This quiz features interesting tidbits and information about 196 flags and capitals!

Compete with friends and break flag scores!
For every flag you guess, you get closer to earning a medal! There are medals for recognizing 50, 100 and all the flags or cities in every game mode. Increase your knowledge and get medals before your friends do! Practice, learn and refresh your memory with this informative and interesting quiz.

Addictive Layout to keep you hooked.
Experience HD quality 3D graphics with ultra-detailed flags, clean interface and user-friendly design.

A fun educational app for kids!
This quiz is a great learning resource for kids of all ages. The ‘Read aloud’ feature means preschoolers can also learn new country names by looking at a flag and hearing its name in the correct pronunciation.

• ZERO ads for uninterrupted game play.
• 3 different modes including a timed mode for hardcore players who want to play in a blazing fast speed.
• Mostly 5 star reviews across all platforms.

Put on your geo-hunting cap and get cracking on some flags now!

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