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GEO eMagazine – Unrivalled reporting, excellent photography

First launched in Germany in 1976 and now published in 20 countries internationally, GEO is one of the world's leading premium reportage magazines. GEO reports comprehensively, vividly and accurately on a wide thematic spectrum: from science, research and technology, to culture, society, business and ecology. GEO tells of events that push man to his limits: from Mount Everest to Antarctica. GEO also looks at man himself: in New York, Mogadishu, Shanghai and Damascus. GEO untangles the complexities of religious and philosophical concepts. GEO informs the reader about discoveries: in medicine, neural research, robotics and psychology. And now this astonishing range of content, the award winning photography and reportage of GEO magazine, is available on your iPhone and iPad.

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