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From the Developer

The only app that is a complete revision resource for core GCSE Science: Biology B1, Chemistry C1, Physics P1.

* This sample contains 3 complete study units (4, 12 and 17), plus the full App’s complete Glossary and Appendices.


* 20 study units help you to re-learn and test all your core science, via short learning points and structured questions (with separate answer screens)

* hundreds of high-quality illustrations and photos aid self-teaching, making this a complete revision guide in your pocket.

* Covers every major board’s Science 'A' specification – AQA, OCR (21st Century Science), Edexcel.

* Clear navigation takes you to any part of your syllabus in 3 taps: unit, sub-unit and hyperlinks within screens.

* Written by experienced GCSE science educators – the writing team has decades of experience producing quality materials for GCSE science.

* A glossary and other appendices add further value – dip in and brush up on Science ‘A’ whenever you want, wherever you are.

∼ Full Contents ∼
1 Keeping healthy
2 Control and coordination
3 Drugs and medicine
4 Adaptation and interdependence
5 Energy and biomass in food systems
6 Plant and animal waste
7 Genetics and inheritance
8 Theory of evolution
9 Fundamentals of chemistry
10 Key chemicals in our lives
11 Metals
12 Fuels and other hydrocarbons
13 Polymers and other modern materials
14 Plant oils
15 The Earth’s crust and atmosphere
16 Energy transfer by heat
17 Energy generation and efficiency
18 Electricity for everyday use
19 Waves and the electromagnetic spectrum
20 Earth in the Universe

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