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This is a simple, but highly effective app which has achieved 5 stars in our Certification.

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If you’re studying or teaching GCSE RS, this is a great supplement to your existing study tools. The homepage has 2 tabs; ‘Questions’ and ‘Past Papers’. The Questions are split into the 6 main subject areas for the AQA, Edexcel and OCR syllabuses.   When you click on a subject area you go on to do a 10 question multiple choice test. Each question has 4 possible answers and when you complete a question, an explanation of the correct answer appears on the screen. When you get to the end of the section, you get a percentage score, which you can quickly share via social media (assuming you got a good score!).

A great feature of the app is that all of your test scores are saved for each subject, and are shown in an easily digestible graph. If you want to reset any of this saved history you can, which is also handy.

Splitting the multiple choice questions into categories is great as it’s much easier to focus on a small area at a time. All of the questions are varied – We never got the same question twice in a test, but also there are variations of the same questions, which really help to reinforce learning. Another small touch that we liked was that when you get an answer wrong, the correct answer doesn’t immediately show. You still have to choose between the remaining choices until you get it right. Again this increases learning potential as when you get a question wrong once, you’re then forced again to think of the correct answer.

The ‘Past Exam Papers’ section has past papers for all syllabuses dating back to 2010. This is a great feature which allows you to put your hard work into practice. The feature that sets this app apart is the fact that the past papers also have answers. This is something a lot of institutions fail to provide, and there is really no better way to study than to have access to correct past paper answers. It’s also something that we’ve not seen in a learning app to date, and is a massive progression, so ‘hats off’ to Revision Buddies for this.

The design of the app is fairly simple, but we liked that, as its intuitive design doesn’t overcomplicate things and keeps the focus on learning. We think this app is leading the way in the next generation of study tools. The next step would be to allow students to log-in so that a teacher could set homework and track their progress. That being said, as it is, this app is a great study tool and we would thoroughly recommend it.

From the Developer

Self-Assessment revision aid for GCSE Religious Studies: Religion in Life and Society: Christianity and Islam

Revision Buddies are here to help you to succeed in your exams! This app has been created as a buddy to help you make sure that you know the relevant detail to prepare you for your R.S. Christianity and Islam GCSE examination topics. Each multiple choice question has been written by an experienced author and teacher of the subject to make sure that you are up to scratch on your knowledge of the Beliefs, Ethics and Philosophy of each religion, with an explanatory note with each answer to help you on your way to success.
Monitor your progress, post your results on Facebook and Twitter and challenge your friends. These self-assessment exercises are designed to help you to consolidate your knowledge and learn the essentials for your exams. They have been written by an experienced teacher and author of the subject with the aim of covering Edexcel, AQA and OCR syllabuses, and provide you with the ability to pick and choose the section relevant to you.

We have also included past papers from all three exam boards to make this the most complete revision app for GCSE Religious Studies – Christianity and Islam.

Key Revision Topics covered:
Religion in life and society: Christian Beliefs
Religion in life and society: Christian Ethics
Religion in life and society: Christian Philosophy
Religion in life and society: Islamic Beliefs
Religion In life and society: Islamic Ethics
Religion in life and society: Islamic Philosophy

For full details on these topics please see our website: www.revisionbuddies.com

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Content produced November 2012

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