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GCSE History (For Schools)

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About GCSE History (For Schools)

This is a simple, but highly effective app which has achieved 5 stars in our Certification.

Teacher Review

If you’re studying or teaching GCSE History, this is a great supplement to your existing study tools. The homepage has 2 tabs; ‘Questions’ and ‘Past Papers’. The Questions are split into the 15 main subject areas for the AQA, Edexcel and OCR syllabuses.   When you click on a subject area you go on to do a 10 question multiple choice test. Each question has 4 possible answers and when you complete a question, an explanation of the correct answer appears on the screen. When you get to the end of the section, you get a percentage score, which you can quickly share via social media (assuming you got a good score!).

A great feature of the app is that all of your test scores are saved for each subject, and are shown in an easily digestible graph. If you want to reset any of this saved history you can, which is also handy.

Splitting the multiple choice questions into categories is great as it’s much easier to focus on a small area at a time. All of the questions are varied – We never got the same question twice in a test, but also there are variations of the same questions, which really help to reinforce learning. Another small touch that we liked was that when you get an answer wrong, the correct answer doesn’t immediately show. You still have to choose between the remaining choices until you get it right. Again this increases learning potential as when you get a question wrong once, you’re then forced again to think of the correct answer.

The ‘Past Exam Papers’ section has past papers for all syllabuses dating back to 2010. This is a great feature which allows you to put your hard work into practice. The feature that sets this app apart is the fact that the past papers also have answers. This is something a lot of institutions fail to provide, and there is really no better way to study than to have access to correct past paper answers. It’s also something that we’ve not seen in a learning app to date, and is a massive progression, so ‘hats off’ to Revision Buddies for this.

The design of the app is fairly simple, but we liked that, as its intuitive design doesn’t overcomplicate things and keeps the focus on learning. We think this app is leading the way in the next generation of study tools. The next step would be to allow students to log-in so that a teacher could set homework and track their progress. That being said, as it is, this app is a great study tool and we would thoroughly recommend it.

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GCSE Modern History Revision App.

This version of the app is sold 'complete' with no in-app purchasing or advertising. It has been prepared by popular demand for schools wanting to take advantage of the educational discount and Volume Purchase Programme.

Revision Buddies are here to help you to succeed in your exams! Test yourself with over 1500 multiple choice revision questions on key topics, each with their own detailed explanatory note.
Monitor your progress and share your results on Facebook and Twitter. This self-assessment series is designed to ensure that you have a full understanding of all the facts you need in order to excel in your GCSE History exams.

Content is designed to cover the majority of exam boards – covers the full syllabus of the Edexcel syllabus, the majority of the AQA syllabus, and is looking to contain the full spread of OCR soon. Watch this space!

We have also included the relevant past papers from all three exam boards to make this the most complete revision app for GCSE Modern History.

1 Britain WW1: Before, During and After
2 Britain WW2: Before, During and After
3 Germany: 1918-1939: The Rise of Hitler
4 Germany: the Weimar Republic
5 The USSR and Stalin
6 Russia: The Fall of the Tsarist Regime, the road to Communism and the development of the USSR
7 The USA: Racism and intolerance, civil rights and a changing society
8 The USA: Economic boom and the Roaring 20s
9 The USA: The Great Depression and the New Deal
10 Causes of WW1
11 The Peace Treaties and how Europe was affected
12 The road to WW2
13 Cold War Crises: Berlin, Cuba, Czechoslovakia
14 The development of the Super Powers and the Cold War
15 The end of the Cold War

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