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About GCSE Exam Revision & Homework

RevisePal is an app to help motivate students to revise and study more thoroughly through games, rewards, and competition. The app specifically supports students studying Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, English, and Religion for GCSE exams.

You can download RevisePal for free on Android and iOS devices. The app has an ad-free seven-day trial for new users, after which a subscription will maintain the service. Some features remain usable alongside ads even if you do not subscribe.

GCSE Exam Revision & Homework Review

What is RevisePal app?

RevisePal supports and motivates students as they prepare for GCSE exams by making it more like a game. It does not replace other revision techniques and materials but works alongside them. The app has various sections:

Revise is where users choose a subject and module for revision. The app provides a series of questions grouped by an appropriate theme within the topic for students to answer. Subscribers can ask the app's GCSE tutors a question to help them get past any sticking points.

Leaders is the section where the app shows which learners have achieved the most points in the current week and over time.

Assignments is the section where teachers can create assignments for their students and where students access them.

Profile lets students see how well they are doing, which challenges they have completed and which remain outstanding.

RevisePal is one of the earliest education apps to utilise artificial intelligence driven by the famous GPT-3 technology. It takes the form of a dedicated AI-driven chatbot called TutorGPT that tutors those revising with the app.

Learners can ask TutorGPT questions using natural language, and the AI will answer in clear English. It complements the human tutor option to provide quick responses.

We have looked at the free version during this review of Revise Pal, but the main focus is the premium version which unlocks all of the app's features.

What we love about RevisePal app.

The best revision comes from using various sources, methods, and tools. Revise Pal earns its place among these and is especially good at providing a starting point. The pathway through the quizzes helps kids to work out where they need to learn more as the app splits the subjects into themes and topics.

The recent integration of TutorGPT helps to cut down the time students have to spend looking up the facts, and the AI can introduce new ideas for learners to pursue.

What skills does it teach?

Revise Pal is for students preparing to take GCSE exams administered by the AQA, Edexcel, OCR, or Cambridge Exam boards. Its content covers Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, English, and Religion. The app's roadmap indicates more will be added in future, so if what you are looking for isn't among these, check the app anyway to see if the subject was added after this review.

The app breaks the subjects down into further themes and topics. For example, the English section covers the plays and novels: Macbeth, An Inspector Calls, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and A Christmas Carol.

What age is it appropriate for?

Students typically study GCSEs when aged 16, but anyone repeating the exams or returning to learning later in life can also use the app to revise for GSCEs. While the app has a superhero theme, it is not overly dominating and should not distract older learners from the content and features of the app.

Is RevisePal app easy to use?

Revise Pal has a self-explanatory layout and method of navigation. Each subject and topic is clearly labelled, and the functionality is intuitive enough to learn through use.

How will students benefit?

Revision is always best as an ongoing process and not as last-minute cramming. RevisePal supports this through its convenience and ease of use. Students usually have their phones nearby and can revise easily without the friction of setting up or gathering study material.

The leaderboards provide extra motivation for kids who enjoy competition. For these kids, the potential to jump a few places up the leaderboard will be a good reason to do some more revision.

Kids who have maintained a regular revision schedule supported by RevisePal will genuinely benefit when they don't have the stress of trying to fit it all into the days before exams. On the day they receive their GCSE results, students will know they gave it their best, whatever their grade.

How will parents benefit?

Kids may receive access to Revise Pal through their school, in which case their teachers will guide them through using the app to revise effectively. If not, the app is still easy to use, and an effective study tool to provide extra support independent of any help schools offer.

By dedicating the app to GCSE exams, RevisePal's publishers have made it an easy app to understand for parents. They won't have to determine whether it has the correct subject coverage for their kids. If parents know which subjects and examination boards their kids follow for their GCSEs, they can decide if the app is suitable.

How will teachers benefit?

Revise Pal is suitable for schools to use. The app provides free teacher tools to create, allocate and analyse assignments. Teachers only have to select the task's focus, and the will generate the quiz games in response.

Issuing the assignments to each student in the class is simple to administrate as it is done via an assignment code shared with students in person or by email.

Once teachers have set the assignments, they can monitor their student's progress using the dashboard.

RevisePal is compatible with Google Classroom.

How much does RevisePal app cost?

You can download RevisionPal for free and use a limited set of its features alongside ads. You can use a free seven-day trial to assess the full feature set.

If you upgrade to RevisePal Super, you will lose the ads and gain all of the features in the app for the duration of your subscription, including the Open-AI GPT-3 powered tutor. 

The subscription terms are one month or six months. The longer of the two offers a significant reduction for the equivalent period and covers a span more suitable for effective revision.

Is RevisePal app safe to use?

The free version of the app has advertisements served by a third-party network. These will not appear after you subscribe to the premium app.

The app has a Refer-a-Friend button to notify friends about the app. This option uses already-installed messaging apps and contacts to send the message.

RevisePal asks users to allow it to issue notifications. These let the app remind students when it is time to revise.

What can RevisePal app improve on?

Artificial intelligence promises to be a powerful force in educational apps, and RevisePal uses it effectively. However, AI is a new technology and has limitations, as admitted by the developers of GPT-3. 

We'd like RevisePal to play its part in helping those who use the app understand how to use AI effectively by recognising that its answers are not always flawless or incontestable. TutorGPT gives good answers, which are a great starting point, but learners should know to cross-reference them against other sources, especially if anything within it conflicts with their understanding.

Far from weakening the case for the app's TutorGPT, this would help revision embrace a broader set of sources while giving learners a solid starting point. Building a realistic approach to using AI would be a bonus.

Overall rating of the app.

RevisePal is an excellent addition to the existing material available to support GCSE students preparing for these critical exams. As an app-based resource, it is convenient and likely to be with students wherever they are, making revision much easier to incorporate into daily life.

The app's carefully curated material reflects the content of the courses GCSE students follow, and its gamified approach provides motivation. Revision should never be last minute, so we recommend parents and students test this app well in advance, ready to build it into exam preparation.

We have awarded Revise Pal five stars in this review.

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