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GCSE Biology - Circulation

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  • GCSE Biology - CirculationGCSE Biology - CirculationGCSE Biology - CirculationGCSE Biology - CirculationGCSE Biology - Circulation


For GCSE Biology topic: Circulation, this App delivers the following topics: Arteries, veins and capillaries; composition of blood; defence against disease; the heart; heart disease. At the end of each section there are click to reveal and multiple choice quizzes to test your knowledge. Features an index to quickly access specific resources.

Birchfield Interactive is a leading UK publisher of interactive GCSE curriculum resources, aligned to the National Curriculum and used by over 80% of all UK schools and schools worldwide. Our Apps make our GCSE curriculum materials, previously only accessible to schools in PC format, available at school and home to Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. The software uses 3D animation, video, imagery, voice-overs, text and interactive activities to ensure effective learning of relevant curriculum topics. Superb for independent learning and revision both in school and at home, delivering an engaging interactive learning experience for pupils.

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