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GCSE Biology Banana Skins - Revision Flash Cards

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Developer Description

Ensure that you don't slip in your exams by studying the common mistakes students make in their exams. Inspired by the examiner's reports this flash-card series is a must have for all GCSE Biology students!

In their GCSE Biology Exams students are continuing to make the same mistakes. These reoccurring mistakes are costing students vital points, and damaging their chances of achieving top-grades and getting into their first choice University. A significant proportion of marks are lost on "no-brainer questions" often through the use of poor language, a lack of focus, and the misspelling of key terms.

Here are some of the common slip-ups students are currently making in their GCSE biology exams:

Failing to identify the difference between meiosis and mitosis.
Forgetting when and how plants use respiration as a core life process.
Calculating the ratio of phenotypes on genetic questions.
Failing to explain how mineral ions are replaced in the soil.

Based on the GCSE examiner's reports in Biology a small team of researchers have uncovered several reoccurring student errors. The App contains 30 of these common mistakes that students are making. The Banana Skins focus on important exam techniques in GCSE Biology as well as containing an eclectic mix of focused pointers. They are a direct spot test, that come straight from the examiner's mouth!

When you have completed the bulk of your Biology revision use the Banana Skins App as an additional boost to ensure that you don't slip-up during your exams. Working through the App will not take more than 10-15 minutes to complete, and it will give you winning edge in the exam.

Features of the App include:

A Scrollable Menu to gain quick access to the content.
A Reminders Section so that you can store your most important slip-ups for easy access.
Social-media sharing capabilities so that you can help your friends out!
30 well-researched pointers to help you get on-top of your GCSE Biology revision.

"The 30 Banana Skin tips in the App provide a quick and focused solution to testing that you are ready for your exam!" S-Cool

Separate yourself from the crowd by ensuring that you don't slip up!

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