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This excellent, user-friendly, no frills app allows students to take control of their learning, as they are offered questions with solutions and subsequent explanations, presented in the form of either a whole practice paper or sortable by topic, difficulty or done randomly.

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Teacher Review

Churchill Maths brings you this no frills app that helps students revise for their GCSE Mathematics exams by presenting them with a question, a solution and a detailed explanation if needed.  Questions are displayed in a clear easy to read format, similar to past GCSE exam papers, and students are advised to answer the questions independently, then check their solutions against the model answers given.  Solutions are presented as full written methods, using standard mathematical techniques, and can be easily followed step-by-step.  For further explanation, detailed narratives are offered, drawing on alternative approaches that could be used, relating the mathematical concept to the question itself, and also digging deeper than the superficial method to the understanding behind the concept.

Upon opening the app, the reader can either attempt one of the four practice papers or can work though an alternatively set of questions sorted by topic, by difficulty or as a random selection.  Questions by topic are hierarchically divided into subsequent subtopics, allowing students to pinpoint the skill they need to practice.  There are several questions at each level, however it would be nice to see the option for students to be offered a further question testing the same skill, once they have understood a solution and explanation.  Questions sorted by difficulty are an excellent way for students to master to basic skills before progressing to the next level, providing excellent motivation and structured learning, as students can see where they need to work towards, however, it would be nice to have an idea of the GCSE level of a question (A*, A, B…), rather than the current levels: easy, medium, hard and challenging.  Practice papers are perfect for students who want to assess their overall learning and if the developer intends to extend this feature, a simple timer or perhaps the suggested threshold for each practice paper would be an easy addition.

As well as students, teachers may benefit from this app too, with the ability to display a question followed by a standard written solution alongside a narrative.  It should be noted that this app covers the current curriculum, running until 2016, however the developers have numerous opportunities to extend the scope of this app: the incorporation of past papers; foundation level questions; questions based on the new curriculum; KS3 old SATs; KS2 SATs; etc.  Mathematically, the developer may also consider highlighting where the marks come from in multiple mark questions. 

In summary, the app does exactly what it sets out to do, help students revise by offering questions, model answers and a rational explanation of these answers.  An excellent app, definitely worth the price!

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From the Developer

Over 200 practice questions with detailed explanations covering all topics and 4 complete practice papers make this an invaluable revision tool at your desk or on the move. The practice questions are suitable for any Higher Tier GCSE. The complete papers are written for the 2-paper Linear courses from Edexcel (1MAO), AQA (4365) and OCR (J567).

The topic questions come with solutions and detailed explanations that are written in student-friendly language. Work through each topic to revise and gain confidence, then try the practice papers to test your knowledge and understanding.

The content of this App is of excellent quality from the author of practice GCSE and A level papers used in hundreds of UK schools. There is no overlap of questions with our current papers sold to schools.

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