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Are your kids wondering why there are four seasons in a year?  Do they ask you questions like how trees grow or why objects float or sink? A great way to delve into these questions and to spur on inquisitive little minds is to use the Gazilli Science App. This app is both beautiful and inspiring and we gave it a 4 star rating.

Teacher Review

If you are a parent looking for an interactive educational activity app to help your kids learn basic science topics then this app is highly recommended.

Children will have no problem using the app since it is designed to be easily understood and highly interactive. I find that it made learning topics and subjects more engaging and fun due to the colorful animation and some amazing sound effects. 

The different levels of the app:

It includes six levels, each pertaining to the following science concepts:

·         Plants

·         Water Cycle

·         The Four Seasons

·         Living and Non-Living things

·         Sink or Float

·         Five senses

On the home page of the app, you’ll see the six lessons where only the Plants level is unlocked. Kids need to play and complete the task before they could access the succeeding categories.  In each level, there’s one character that will teach them the lesson through hands-on activities.

How it Works

Basically, it's like a grade school storybook. The only difference is that there’s a live narrator guiding the user with the tasks integrated within it.

I will give you examples of two levels to show you how this app works:


At this level, they’ll need to help Mimi plant a seed. They can choose from an apple, sunflower or raised seed. An on-screen narrator will instruct them to water the seeds until it grows into a fruit-bearing tree. The narrator will explain every process and teach a lesson about patience. Once the fruits ripen, you then help Mimi pick them up and place them in the basket.

Four Seasons

Once done with the plants, they will now learn about the seasons. It was explained to them descriptively why there’s summer, spring, winter and fall. Benito is the kiddie character who’s standing in the forest beside a tree. To illustrate the concept, there is a moving image of the sun while the earth revolves around it.

There are four different points in the orbit. Your child needs to drag the earth in these points to change the season. The narrator will ask you to change Benito’s clothes appropriate for the season. If winter, he will be wearing a coat, a bonnet and winter shoes. The narration will also explain the scientific fact in a simple way. For example, “in winter, the temperature is cold and there is snow outside.”

The app is not without its faults, however. While browsing through the app, my nephew and I noticed the animation got noticeably slower. Not good if you want to keep the attention of a toddler!

He gets annoyed at the pop-up instruction as well, because he wanted to finish the activity quickly. There seems to be no easily apparent way to close or disable these pop-up instructions either.

Somehow we got lost while trying the "Five Senses", I think that the instruction is a bit vague on what we have to do next.  When I'm about to suggest a feature to the developers, I have a hard time finding the feedback/support form which is located at the “Info” section on the Menu. In my opinion, I think it is better to place the feedback button than at the “Parent's Only” Page.

Age - Appropriateness

The app’s interactivity is good but I find that children aged 5 years or below, like my nephew, might easily get lost trying to browse or finishing a level.

What is so good about this app is that it provides kids with real life scenarios. There are no difficult words and complicated processes involved. And if ever they failed to understand it the first time, they can always repeat the level all over again.

For a price of , the Gazilli Science application is definitely great value for money and, with a little guidance with your child, the app is entertaining and educational.  

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--GazziliScience has arrived! The GazziliWorld approach to fusing learning and fun for Preschoolers takes on the 'Parts of a Plant', 'The Water Cycle', 'The Four Seasons', and more!

--Complete each activity to unlock the next...and watch the GazziliFunPage come to life!

--GazziliScience was awarded as a 'Top Pick' from! "GazziliScience is a great choice for children who are just starting to be aware of their environment. It helps to explain difficult concepts in an age appropriate, fun way."

--Watch GazziliScience teach Preschoolers basic, foundation for life science concepts in a fun, kid-friendly way!

--GazziliScience 'dual-curriculum' approach introduces children not only to important subject matter, but to technology they'll be using as part of their education for years to come!

--GazziliScience for iPad, iPhone, and iTouch--optimized for Retina Display--is brought to you with iOS 5 functionality like Air-Play Mirroring and Twitter!

A child activates the first activity on the Home Screen, and they are taken away on a fun, exciting, science-learning journey.

Colors & Artwork. Music & Sounds. Friendly, hands-on activities. GazziliScience is a multi-sensory learning experience.

Early childhood educational experts from New York City's The Dalton School helped develop GazziliScience to ensure its educational value.

--6 engaging, exciting science-based activities that help build the foundation for understanding basic science concepts that touch our lives every day!
--Successful completion of each concept/activity means seeing a portion of the 'GazziliFunPage' come to life!
--Child interacts with the App to build a deep understanding of science-related concepts.
--'Hearing-Impaired Mode' included adding all written words to the screen as they spoken by either the narrator or characters!
--Delightful interactive animations, music, sound-effects, and surprise features.
--Improvement of hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as children gain proficiency with tablet hardware.

Reese Jones often writes about web design, online media and educational apps.  She spends her spare time with her nieces and nephews. You can also find her on Google Plus or Twitter (@r_am_jones).

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