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About Gaming Videos for Kids

Tankee is an app that offers video services centred around video games. It is the first kid's gaming network. 

Gaming Videos for Kids Review

What do we like about Tankee?

The developers of Tankee wish to provide children with the top online video games and TV shows. Furthermore, the Tankee channel's material appeals to both children and young people. The creation of a digital entertainment channel for children is Tankee's primary objective.

What skills does it improve?

Video game-focused streaming service Tankee is available. Essentially, the concept would be the same if YouTube were a service restricted to children. It does contain video game-related snippets, but solely of kid-friendly games, and all of the accompanying films are suitable for younger viewers.

What age is it appropriate for?

Tankee is appropriate for kids ages 9-11. 

Is Tankee free?

Tankee is free to download on all Android and iOS devices.

Is Tankee easy to use?

Tankee is easy to use with the best user experience. It helps kids to enjoy the game effectively and easily without missing any fun. 

How will users benefit?

Youth-oriented video genres abound on Tankee. In addition to game videos and digital instructions, the channel also creates unique shows. Additionally, they display pieces of art created by viewers of their app. Children will find plenty of entertainment on Tankee.

How will parents benefit?

In order to manage their parental account, Tankee asks parents to create an account for each of their children and input their email addresses. For a child's experience, it has time-limit features and more specialised settings. Future improvements to the platform will even alert parents if their youngster requests more access. With Tankee, parents can shield their children from objectionable material while still allowing them to watch the films they enjoy.

What can Tankee improve on?

While this app provides a secure environment for children to watch videos about games, older children won't like its restrictions or lack of flexibility.

How much does it cost?

Tankee is available with an in-app purchase that cost $4.99 for a Hero pass one-month subscription. 

Final thoughts

The authors of the long-running narrative series, music videos, how-to videos, and playthrough videos will be featured on the Tankee platform, which will feature a variety of gaming-related material. It offers youngsters access to a variety of entertaining materials that highlight the personalities and inventiveness of gamers while also letting them play games for themselves.

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