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About Funexpected Math

Funexpected Math is an attractive app that uses mini-games to develop and consolidate children's maths skills.  Its detailed descriptions of curriculum objectives met, imaginative games, and growing content make it an app subscription worth considering.

Funexpected Math Review

Funexpected Math is a mini-game-based maths app. In such an app, an aspect of numeracy is learned or practised by playing a short game. These were often quite unsophisticated and were sometimes little more than dressed up multiple-choice quizzes. Fortunately, this genre has evolved and proven to be a useful and popular one. Funexpected Math is a new app of this ilk and one that shows how these apps can be imaginative, educational, and unexpected fun.

A strength of Funexpected Math, not seen much in other apps of a similar type, is the detail it gives for each activity.  As well as an explanation of how to play each mini-game, there is a series of learning objectives that describe what it teaches and tests. These may not match word for word with what is on any given curriculum but it should not be difficult to map them to their corresponding points in a school's maths curriculum. This should make it easier for teachers to incorporate the app into their lessons and for parents to use it to support their children in areas where the students need extra practise.

Each mini-game is located within a stylised version of a country of the world. At the time of this review, Japan contains the most activities while Egypt has just the two.  The full world map and the 'coming soon' notice on one of the games suggests that this is an app that will continue to grow. 

Is Funexpected Math free?

Funexpected is available for free to download on iOS and Android devices.

How much does Funexpected Math costs?

As this is a subscription-based app, this should provide it with the longevity and freshness that an app with a subscription needs.

What we like about Funexpected Math

There is a lovely textured feeling to the graphics used within this app. It is almost a surprise not to feel the edges and roughness of the paper-like on-screen graphical elements. This makes the app stand out among the more cartoon-like maths mini-games out there. Children who have often played multiple maths apps will see this one as quite different from the others based on the look alone. The scenes which hold the activities and act as selection screens are full of graphical flourishes and little animations that do not add to the learning but are an example of the care and attention that has been lavished upon the app to make it a welcoming and interesting play and learning experience for children.

Each of the games is introduced with a visual explanation of how to play that children must follow before advancing.   In some cases, a verbal prompt also accompanies it. The style of the activity suits the area of maths that it is covering.  Symmetry, for example, uses the familiar tool of the pegboard and elastic bands for children to complete symmetrical shapes. Counting has children adding and subtracting one along a number line. With shape spotting, where the activity is a case of identification and, perhaps a plain multiple-choice quiz could have worked, it is made more fun by guiding an on-screen ninja to slice the given shape.  They are all really good and it will be interesting to see how the next games to be added will play.

There is a feedback screen for each activity that shows how a child has engaged with it and how far they have gone. Sadly, there is not the option to have multiple users in the app so the record keeping will become meaningless if multiple children use it. There is the welcome option, however, of easily resetting the records when another player uses the app.

Funexpected Math looks and plays great. Its math content is accurate and useful and will provide excellent practice to consolidate and develop learning.  There is a free trial period to its subscription so you can dip in and see how the whole package plays before you pay anything. You may well find that the subscription provides just what you have been looking for to assist your child's learning. 

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