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About FunEasyLearn

FunEasyLearn is an interactive, language-learning app that gradually guides the user through the study of a language – be it new or limited to a specific topic for focus.  The variety of languages on offer is hugely impressive, ranging from Spanish, French, Italian, German, English, Chinese, up to 34 languages in total. The app is geared at regular interval learning, whereby little and often’ will reap the greatest rewards, with each language to be studied broken down into various, easy-to-navigate topics and sub topics. FunEasyLearn is available to download for iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android devices from the App Store and Play Store. 

FunEasyLearn Review

FunEasyLearn is an extremely well-presented app that is clear and effective in what it sets out to do, as it guides learners through the practical skills-base required in learning a new language – divided into easy-to-navigate topics and sub-topics. Practically-speaking, the app is a good size with offline capabilities; however, you will need to have downloaded this content in advance. This app is great for homeschool to develop multi-language skills

Why we love the FunEasyLearn app?

We think parents will love this app because offers an easy-to-follow progression from the receptive vocabulary learning, whereby the users choose the context of learning – you can choose from categories such as people, fashion, health, work, culture, sports, animals, and more – and, subsequently, complete a range of reinforcement activities aimed at gradually increasing familiarity and, thereby, accuracy of use and understanding. As you opt for more challenging ‘levels’, the categories are further sub-divided into more technically, specific and advanced study sets to further suit user needs.  Study sets can be vocabulary, or applied sentence-specific and the reinforcement activities appear as soon as you have read through and experienced that particular area of study.  They apprise the four key skills of listening, reading, speaking, and writing.  Each activity is an effective and engaging tool to reinforce the prior learning process, and recap the words and/or sentences that the user has recently accessed.

How does the FunEasyLearn app help teach languages

The initial learning process for your words/sentences is simple, intuitive, and efficient, in that you will see a term or phrase presented with a ClipArt style image accompanied by verbal pronunciation of it – although, the image and pronunciation do their jobs effectively, going forward the app may wish to update the graphics, for a more ‘modern’ feel and children will need minimal help from parents.  For here, the user is in control and can cycle back and forth through the key language at their leisure.  Once completed, the user is provided with an array of options to reinforce learning and check retention and understanding.  The variety of tasks on offer allow for fun and interesting engagement with the language, without the inevitable boredom that occurs with repetition of the same phrasing over and over again.  You can match language to images, work though multiple-choice, spell, fill in the blanks, and more – all the while engaging your competitive side as you try to earn the in-app currency to show off your progress.  As I have reviewed this app with the benefit of a promo code, the wealth of words and phrases available have impressed me massively, along with the extremely well-structured topic breakdown which renders learning focussed, readily attainable, and massively effective.  Essentially, the app developers state that twenty minutes would be an effective study time and, for me, sufficient to complete a full topic area.  Users can engage with each topic and sub-topic as much or as little as they deem fit : until the user feels that they have suitably covered a topic, or in-need of extra reinforcement the mini-games and challenges will certainly not leave you bored.

How does FunEasyLearn benefit teachers and Parents?

From an educator’s perspective (or if you are a parent who is homeschooling), the relevant and clearly-presented content mean that this represents a very useful addition to the language learning classroom, with vocabulary showcased in clear, engaging, and extremely accurate ways.  The score retention and achievable manner in which language is presented will be a huge positive for the majority of students.  In addition to this, the effectively-structured categorising of all topics permits any user to adapt the app to their specific need and support them in working towards a specific end goal within a very achievable timeframe. The app will work independently as a solid, comprehensive, and efficient language-learning software, but would complement well most school-based curricula.

In summary, FunEasyLearn represents an engaging and motivating piece of software, with the clear, varied and entertaining reinforcement activities being its stand-out feature.  The potential for exploration of so many different languages is a real asset here and its clearly-defined topic groupings within each language pairing allow for personalisation and manageable, achievable language-learning for a motivated, independent learner.

Is the FunEasyLearn app easy to use?

Yes, FunEasyLearn is easy to use. At the time of this FunEasyLearn review the user either creates an account or logs in to an existing one.  There is an option to skip this process; however, the benefit of an account attributed to you will mean that all your scores and progress are recorded.  Subsequently, the user can easily choose his/her language pairings for study and then will embark on their language-learning adventure.  To which I have previously alluded, there are some thirty-four languages from which you can choose, originating for over fifty mother tongues.  Each with well-structured and comprehensive target-language contexts, which can be further extended to various competence levels – from ‘Beginner’ stretching to ‘Expert’, at the simple click of a button, dependent upon your subscription package.  

How much does the FunEasyLearn app cost?

The app in itself is free to install and use, but a subscription is required to extend beyond initial limitations.  Further, you’ll see a full screen ad after each section. There are a number of options available to fully unlock things, including six months, one year, and lifetime, where the longer you commit to your subscription, ultimately, the cheaper it works out per month.  Yet, in a novel addition from FunEasyLearn, if patience is your virtue, you can seemingly upgrade by using the apps own internal currency (flowers) to unlock content as your language skills develop.

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