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About Funbrain

FunBrain is a educational game site for grades K-8. offers a lot of fun, interactive learning games for kids in grades K-8, plus tools for parents and teachers. Kids can search by grade level or topic. FunBrain’s games help students build on what they have learned in class and acquire new skills in reading, math and problem solving.

Funbrain Review

Fun Brain, a site for kids at the preschool through grade 8 levels, offers more than 100 fun, interactive games that develop skills in math, reading and literacy. Funbrain Jr. is a great place for kids to explore and learn. With interactive games, worksheets, videos and interactive stories, there is a plethora of content to keep kids engaged. It's free, but there are in-app purchases, including the option to buy new levels. Funbrain is a popular learning website for preschoolers with a collection of unique and vibrant games that helps jumpstart their journey of learning. 

How much does Funbrain cost?

Funbrain is a free resource that offers hundreds of free interactive games, books, videos, and printables for kids.

Is Funbrain a good website?

Funbrain is a good website created for kids that offers hundreds of free interactive games, books, videos, and printables that help kids develop skills in math, reading, problem-solving, and literacy.

Is Funbrain safe for kids?

Yes, Funbrain is a fun and safe environment that bridges learning and entertainment. Funbrain does not collect personally identifiable information from kids. Educators and parents can feel confident that children will enjoy a fun and safe experience both at school and at home.

FunBrain Games

Funbrain consists of different games and activities users complete online that teach foundational reading and math skills. Using the icons on the top right of the screen, users can tap the “Games” button to and then select a game that focuses on a math or reading skill. After clicking the “Games” button, users are able to browse the games, which display the grade level on the bottom left of the screen. When they find a game they wish to play, users can click it. The game will then load, and users can often select the game’s difficulty level and read the instructions. Users will then begin playing the game.

FunBrain Reading

To access digital books, users can click the “Reading” button on the top right of the screen, and they then can view the different books included in this website. The suggested grade level for the books are located on the bottom left of the preview, and users can read the book’s content by clicking it and then clicking the arrows to progress through its content.

FunBrain Videos

The “Videos” option provides users with access to several short videos about a variety of subjects. When browsing the video catalog, users can see the suggested grade level on the bottom left of the screen. When they identify a video of interest, users can click it to view its content. The video will then load along with a description of its content, and users can view it. They can also click on the video to pause, rewind, fast forward, and play it.

FunBrain Math Zone

The “Math Zone” button includes a variety of games users can play that each teach a foundational math skill. Users can scroll the content and view the suggested grade level for each game, as indicated in the bottom left of the screen. They then click the game to load it. Once loaded, users can read the directions and begin playing. As they play, the game records the amount of questions they answered correctly and incorrectly.

FunBrain Playground

Finally, the “Playground” option includes a variety of readings, games, and videos that overlap with the content contained in the other sections. Users can view the content by scrolling, and the suggested grade levels are shown in the bottom left of each thumbnail preview. To access a piece of content, users need to click on it, and then it will load. 

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