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Funamo Parental Control app allows you to not only monitor devices but also filter internet sites. Contacts, calls, SMS, websites, applications and locations of the device will automatically be logged and history data is uploaded to the Funamo server each day.

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This app can change internet setting, parent monitoring, application control feature so that parents can control the usage of the kid. In addition parents can set a school timer so that kids can get up in time and attend the school.

As a parent, you will then be able to view this data from any browser whenever you want. You can also enforce safe search for Google, Yahoo, Bing and YouTube, as well as set up keyword or phrase filtering - which lets you ban specific topics that might be deemed safe by the search engines - and time limits for applications. 

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Funamo Parental Control is the only parental control solution that supports safe browsing on Nexus 7 Chrome browser!

Please install Funamo Android Parental Control on your kid's device or the device you share with your kids.

Funamo provides comprehensive parental control for your kids' Android devices. It offers 2–day free trial and if it meets your expectation, you simply purchase a license for $19.99 by clicking “Purchase Funamo now” within the app. Funamo Parental Control license protects your device for as long as you own it. No subscription, no monthly fees! For as little as the price of a book, now you can get peace of mind with your kids' mobile devices knowing that they are protected by Funamo Parental Control.

Please note that Funamo Parental Control license is per device, meaning you need to purchase separate license for each devices you own.

Features of Funamo Android Parental Control -

Internet filtering:

  • Patent pending web filtering technology blocks porn web sites, highly optimized for mobile environment.
  • Use Funamo Safe Browser along with Funamo Parental Control for Easy-Setup mode. Advanced mode enables web filtering with all leading browsers such as stock Android browser, Chrome, and Dolphin HD
  • Allow additional control with blacklist and whitelist, for example, to block sites such as,
  • Enforce safeSearch for Google, Yahoo, Bing and Youtube videos
  • Parents can view and change parental control settings remotely from any browser and push settings to the device

Device monitoring:

  • Automatically log contacts, calls, SMS, websites, applications and locations of the device
  • All history data are uploaded to the server each day or can be manually synced either from the device or from the web
  • Parents can view device history from any browser 24/7

Application control:

  • Protected applications are always protected by parent's password. Settings and Android Market are protected by default
  • Set time limit for applications such as games. Funamo Parental Control restricts the applications to the time slots picked by parents.

School-time setup:

  • Automatically put the device in the silence mode during school time

More information including tutorials and FAQs are available at Need help? Contact us at

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