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Fun Spanish (School Edition): Language Lessons for Kids

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About Fun Spanish (School Edition): Language Lessons for Kids

Fun Spanish (School Edition): Language Lessons for Kids is an interactive language-learning app designed with engaging educational games to entertain children as they are introduced to their first Spanish words, sentences, speaking and spelling.

Teacher Review

Studycat Ltd has produced a clever and progressive app that brings Spanish within the reach of a huge variety of users.  The app is aimed at the Primary-school-aged market; however the engaging, interactive and genuinely accessible aspects of this software mean that it will appeal to any reader with an interest in learning basic Spanish.  This multi-lingual app – where users have 19 options of ‘home’ language – is a fantastic way to introduce your child to Spanish as an additional language and watch as they interact with it in a natural and intuitive way.  The flawless Spanish is complemented by male and female voices, which use different tones and expressions so that learners can pick up on the subtleties of pronunciation. The language is, essentially, of a beginner-level and serves to reinforce vocabulary learning and recognition in an easy-to-learn and accessible way.

The opening sequence allows you to choose between a variety of different vocabulary challenges: colours, animals, numbers, food, vehicles, body parts, fruits, clothes, rooms in a house and sea creatures. The story is complemented with ‘fun’ background music which will only help to keep your children engaged, focussed and wanting to work more and more on this app. From an educator’s perspective, the app caters for all learner abilities, with the visual stimulus being provided by beautiful cartoon images and the easy-to-read Spanish being further balanced with an excellent blend of male and female voices to reinforce the spoken elements.  These elements of rote-learning are presented in a way that is continuously reinforces the aims of each task.  Learners are introduced and reintroduced to the key vocabulary in a way that is accessible and enjoyable – there is a genuine pleasure in learning that is apparent.  It, furthermore, combines this structured Spanish-language course with engaging educational games to keep kids entertained and occupied.  The aforementioned games integrate the ‘competitive’ factor; all game scores are recorded on the app and each game includes ‘levels’ for users to ascertain how well they are progressing.  Each vocabulary lesson series brings with it its own unique learning strategies and games, so users will not be subject to monotonous and repetitive activities.  The fact that each lesson incorporates variety with instant feedback will help children understand how well tasks are being performed, whilst not seeming tedious.  The app places Spanish vocabulary within comfortable reach of those who use the app and the creativity and ‘playfulness’ of its design mean that to do so is far from being a chore.

Overall, it is an extremely well-presented app with lots of engaging features that will not only educate but also keep the user engaged as they progress through the vocabulary challenges. It uses simplicity and playful repetition to reinforce the Spanish language and the varied, intuitive games serve to allow the user to grow in their linguistic abilities.  As an added bonus, this app is available for download with other language pairs as well (English, Chinese, French, German) and if they are as well designed as this one, then, you can be confident that polyglot language-learning has rarely been more accessible.

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  • Fun Spanish (School Edition): Language Lessons for KidsFun Spanish (School Edition): Language Lessons for KidsFun Spanish (School Edition): Language Lessons for KidsFun Spanish (School Edition): Language Lessons for KidsFun Spanish (School Edition): Language Lessons for Kids


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Spanish Learning Games for Kids. Educational activities teach kids to read, speak & spell.

• 10 Spanish Lessons - 60 Learning Games!
• Designed by language learning experts for kids aged 3-10
• Course for preschool, early learners & young children studying languages.
• More than 3,000,000 parents and kids choose our apps worldwide
• No In-App Purchases - meaning peace of mind for parents!


It combines a structured language course with engaging and entertaining games.

Our language course is divided into lessons. Each language lesson teaches core vocabulary and presents words in several contexts to assist learning and retention.

Fun Spanish uses male and female voices. The voices use different tones and expressions so that learners can pick up on the subtleties of pronunciation.

Each game is unique, meaning your child will enjoy playing, and learn more of the Spanish language.


• 6 or more unique games in each fun-packed lesson.
• Original music, songs, sound effects and beautiful cartoon artwork
• Engaging learning games will keep your child entertained as they learn


• Colours
• Animals
• Numbers
• The Body
• Fruits
• Food
• Clothes
• Vehicles
• The House
• Sea Animals


The variety of games, challenges, and different modes of interactivity can help with other areas of your child’s development:

• Play is an important element of your child’s development
• Helps your child build motor skills and concentration
• Hand-eye coordination is reinforced during engaging activities
• Instant feedback helps children understand how well tasks are being performed
• Helps your child to use technology in a beneficial and effective way


Fun Spanish is created by our team of expert educators who have brought their classroom-tested language courses to tablets and smartphones.

We have created step-by-step courses that teach languages in an effective and entertaining way.

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