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This app is great for teaching simple experiments for Key stage 1 and 2. Although the app looks very child like you will find the experiments compelling as well as fairly testing. The app provides 9 interactive levels with 3 levels of difficulty in each. Each success is rewarded with a medal and you can track your scores in the collection book. The app also provides in app instructions and diagrams if you get stuck. We really enjoyed this app we only just wish there was a way to turn the sound off.

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Welcome to the Fun Science Lab, a magical place for kids to play, experiment, and learn about science!

The Lab is a toy factory filled with interactive experiments and games. Use heat to glide a hot air balloon past dangerous obstacles.. Figure out which item is needed to give the robot electricity.. Use magnets to transport dolls.. These fun activities and more are waiting in the Lab right now!

AGES 5-11. The Fun Science Lab is designed to give kids a fun and entertaining way to learn some basic principles of science by encouraging them to interact with the different elements in each experiment and igniting their curiosity. 

•9 Interactive Experiments (mini-games), each with a different theme
•Themes: heat, liquids, electricity, magnets, gravity, etc..
•Every experiment has 3 levels, each increasing in difficulty
•Every level has a challenging task or question
•Completed levels are rewarded with a medal
•Collect medals and track progress in the Collection Book
•Some objects in the lab can be broken if used incorrectly
•Find out which ones to complete puzzles in the Book of Destruction
•Letter to Parents from us, with information and suggestions

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